September 23, 2011

School Picture day

yesterday I thought I might head to the store, pick up a few coordinating matching shirts for my children, get up early curl the girls hair, paint their nails, fix them a nice breakfast, while packing their lunches and then sending them off well fed and ready for the day. Unfortunately it didn't go that way.

T-Rex woke up at 2am with a fever, crawling into my bed, after wetting his too. Then his over hot little body, in our small queen bed, caused me to leave and hit the couch. Where of course I pulled out the lap top and began reading and figuring out the new facebook layout. An hour or two passed when I realized I probably should go back to sleep as 6 am rolls around fast.

I snooze my walking alarm and fall back to sleep, to wake at 7:10 remembering it is picture day and my kids actually need to get ready for school. Kids are flying in the shower, I am trying to find the picture order form, remember that I didn't get any shirts and my ideas of coordinating kids flew out the door. I try to negotiate to get some coordination out of the children however they have in mind what they are going to wear, and I decide there are only so many battles to fight this morning, like getting breakfast. Some want eggs, while others cereal and a certain determined one wanting pancakes, because a certain father left this morning early after making himself an omelet which for some reason made the house smell like pancakes, so I really couldn't blame the child for wanting one.

So where was I oh yeah, kids showering, me running around the house, finding the order forms, and I remember the wet sheets, which I pull off the bed and start washing, followed by deciding to "save" time and preorder the photos on the web, which only allows one student preorder---Hello we are in Utah and everyone knows every family has at least three children at a school at time..well that may be a little stereo type but anyway, so I end up ordering 3 packages for one child, and hope I put enough printed out receipts in their own envelopes to not have screwed it up too bad. All the while, I am trying to print the receipts off, Two is crying in the back ground for pan cakes, T-rex in my bed crying for his dad and my ocular migraine starts to make a prescence, and I am slowly loosing my field of vision in my left eye.

I grab some meds, and then make a pancake, and while it is cooking   burning I atempt to dry Two's hair and wash off her lipstick I told her we would put on for picture day, I meant a lip gloss and she found the lipstick, though have to admit she didn't make too much of a clown face. As I smell the cooking pancake, I run to flip it, and then come back and pull her hair back. Run back to the kitchen, one eyed, and brush out Bee's tangled fresh washed hair, and slick it back in a head band, just hope it dried before her classes picture time.

We run around finding shoes, and oh did we sign the homework? no get that signed and in the back packs, there is only 5 minutes before school starts, where did the time go this morning? I don't have time to get those lunches made so we pull out our disney money and count out pennies and nickles to make up the lunch money, when what do I hear "we have to have it in an envelope." So off to find that, put the money in envelopes, no time to walk, hurry everyone to the car, load them up.

"mom did you pay for our pictures?" Oh yeah, printed off the receipts but forgot to put them in their envelopes, run back inside, grab the envelopes, and a pen to fill them out on the way. "Mom I heard the bell ring" Yep already late, so sit in the car to fill it out.

We pull up to school and guess who is in front of us, the family I wanted to be....girls hair perfectly dried and brushed, curled and not out of place, shirts coordinating with all four kids, yeah they were late, but you can see why, dry hair, bows and curls, gel-ed and spiked. They looked like a Pantene commercial, girls hairs all beautiful, I swear I saw one fling her long locks over her shoulders and backpack, and whisper the words "don't hate me because I am beautiful." 

Out jump my kids from the van, hair wet, shoving papers in their back packs, G-Man with is white button down shirt un buttoned over the top of his black skelton skater shirt, Bee wet hair back in a headband yellow polo shirt, Two hair pulled in a rubberband with some of her bangs in and some out a red plaid jumper with white t-shirt which I had to convince her to put on, some dry hair some wet, all ready for their day.

Just can't wait for the finished product! Just love school picture day!

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Shannon Kosub said...

You never fail to deliver a laugh at "family normalcy" lol. Now when I watch "The Middle" I think of you! I absolutely love your blog! I am beginning to twitter and blog more lately. I have been through a rough time this past year. My Goddaughter, Sophie who I just adore and kept 3/4 of the time passed away in July from cancer. She was only 5 and the light of my life. I never blogged to much on it because it was to painful. Now with so much freetime on my hands, I thought blogging and twitter would be a great release. Would you mind telling others about my blog? Or maybe they could follow my twitter@ skosub. I just don't know how to get my name out there. I would appreciate it if you could but understand if you cannot. Much love and please keep the humor coming....it's been 5 weeks already and your bloggers need more!! Lol

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