November 03, 2011

3 days late, but still feeling great

Ok so that may sound like something totally different that what I meant to make it sound like, unless you were thinking the same thing I was, Gratitude posts for November and its November 3rd... So as I am late, but at least posting I will share with you three things I am grateful for, and as a fair warning, they may not be in order of most importance to me, but rather really what has come to my head first, which some may argue is order of importance, well any way you slice it, this is how I like it. Was that a really long run on sentence?? Um Yeah probably!

  1. A job for my husband, or rather a salary and steady income. As its been a few years since we had that, though is it bad for me to say I sure miss my kids getting free lunch at school, I am grateful for a system, how messed up it may be, is able to help families out in times of need, and I am grateful to be able to pay back into the system. 
  2. Generous children, my children may be a lot of things, but selfish they are not. I appreciate them sharing their toys with friends, among other things, like halloween candy. Little T-Rex has given away all his candy.  He now is wanting more, but he has gladly shared it. 
  3. Modern medicine, if you have read posts in the past or just know me and my family you know that the ER knows us by first name, well not really but they should! Bee had her appendix out last week, and we have had our share of stitches, Bee fell and split her knee open riding a bike, and G-Man got stung by a scorpion and well Two keeps fighting bladder infections, grateful for antibiotics...and then there is me, with massive optical migraines for the past few months, leaving me blind for awhile, and finally finally finding a medicine regimen, that this month well October I only had 3!! Last month I had over 12! And glasses I am grateful for those, as now 4 out of 4 of my kids are sporting them! as well as me!! Love modern medicine! And it helps to have insurance, though again, going back to the poor thing, it was kind of nice to pay a $5 copay for the kids...man I kind of sound like a system moocher...
And there you have it, my 3 days of gratitude, and I will be ever more grateful if I can actually pull off writing every day this month...

Well off to help my six year old who has been crying since I have been writing about me getting her dressed...seriously I guess I can only ignore for so long. 

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Shannon said...

I would love to get together sometime! I will let you know the next time I come up.

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