November 28, 2011

Gratitude Smatitude

So yes like a lot of things in my life, well not a ton...I didn't follow through with what I had planned, however props go to me for just even writing more than once in the month! I think I decided I am ADD with a little bit of compulsive disorder, because I will hit something strong follow through and then bam...half sewn skirt sits in my sewing pile for a year!...anyway enough about me, how about my gratitude...and since today is the 28th and I did a few posts, don't really even know how many I will give you 28 things I am grateful for!
1. My husband--LOVE, LOVE him and words can't describe how grateful I am for him in my life.
2. My kids- love them much too and posted on them before!
3. My parents--Great awesome people who are so very important in my life.
4. My in-laws--Awesomely wonderful people. So glad to have them in my life.
5. Siblings, I always was proud to say I have an Older Sister, an Older Brother, a younger Sister, and a Younger Brother, not many people get to say that. I love them and love having had the opportunity to live closer to them since having grown up--though I am still growing.
6. Sibling in laws--they are awesome and I sure enjoy living near some and having them in my lives.
7. My home
8. my health, because if you know I have the ability to get sick easy it seems sometimes....
9. My sense of color--you need color matches or coordination I am your gal really I am :)
10. my sight- having had problems with seeing lately so glad that I can see.
11. My brain--yes stealing this one from my nephew :) but I am grateful for it.
12. my ability to type and AMAZE my daughter as she is watching me type this.
13. my Sense of Humor...my goodness thats what everyone is looking for in someone right? :) so I guess I am a number one pick :) haha!
14. FRIENDS--new and old! I love having friends and making friends and working on keeping them :) the later seems to be harder in older years :) but there isn't a place in the world where I can't find a friend. People are awesome and I love getting to know them.
15. Friends again, because I love how they support me and are willing to put up with some of my stupidness.
16. Cookie Dough--cheers me up!
17. Running--though because of meds (which i just took myself off of) I had to stop. Ran in the Thanksgiving Turkey trot and it felt so good!
18. Trees--they are so pretty and give us nice shade in the hot summers.
19. Snow--looks so pretty on the mountains
20 A full Fridge--because right now it is totally empty.
21. Christmas--though it feels right now it reminds me of how much I'd like to do for my kids and others and can't, I am grateful for the feeling of love all around the world, even though black friday brings out the evil in people...but then it subsides...and everyone is awesome.
22. Books--I love to read and love the library...which I need to go back to.
23. Kids that can count and tell me I have 23 and need five more to be at 28
24. computers
25. internet--love being able to connect to friends near and far
26. cars- maybe not the top of the line, or non oil leaky free..but run and get us to where we need to go.
27. sewing-the ability to make my kids gift this years makes me happy
28. Heritage Makers--I love making things and making books and taking pictures and writing stories and this has been a wonderful outlet for me!  And to show you what I am doing for Christmas...and what you can do to....click on this link :)  or go to http://www.storybooker.com/ to make your own!!!

or here :) 

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Tonia said...

Love the list, I always knew we were a lot alike :)

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