November 06, 2011

Day 6: Grateful for poop...yeah thats right...

One must wonder why in the world I would be grateful for poop, and why in the world would I actually post about it. I am asking myself that right now, but there is a story and a spiritual one none the less...Just bare with me for a moment...

Our bishop has encouraged every member of our ward (our church congregation) to read the Book of Mormon before the new year. As our family has been trying hard to finish it we have been met with some struggles....but have been doing fairly well, but with many beginner readers sometimes it is painful to get through a page, let alone a chapter or more than one chapter.  And I am assuming that we aren't unlike any other family out there trying their best to read their scriptures, children get distracted, or some how begin fighting or throwing things or laughing or too tired or whatever. 

However today was kind of unlike any other reading we have had before. We were all sitting on our bed, we had an extra hour this morning because of the day light savings stuff, and so we sat and read. It was going surprisingly well, when T-Rex decided he needed to use the john, and was in sitting doing his duty with the door open for all to see...and for some unknown reason, other than the fact that I think a certain being not wanting our family to read the scriptures, T-Rex decided to reach into the toilet grab out his personal gold from the toilet and began to bring it to the family, I think he mentioned something about throwing it at someone!! I of course yelled, the other children were all screeching in disgust so he dropped it on the bathroom floor. Bringing our scripture study to an abrupt stop. After cleaning it up we attempted to continue reading but the good mood had left, but we read some more. 

Now you ask why am I grateful for poop? Well today it reminded me that as we continue to try to make ourselves better, poop happens but somehow we clean it up, and we can continue on and improve ourselves. I am grateful for the knowledge that we can better ourselves and despite the adversaries attempt to throw poop at us, if we continue on, do our best to move on, we will succeed.

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Lois Sparks said...

hi, i found your blog on MMB, where I am also a member (Slice of Life category). This post made me laugh. Good thing you still continued reading.

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