December 31, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: The setting of 2008

As the sun sets on this year, may the new year bring you many sun filled happy days!

December 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: A family shoot

Ok again not so wordless wednesday but at least it is almost a Wednesday, last week I posted on Thursday totally thinking it was Wednesday! Anyway so I got a new camera for Christmas. And am working really hard to try to build up a photo business. So my friends whom I am will call "the Lazygirls" allowed me to take their pictures for over an hour today. I have a lot of pictures, and some I am very happy with, though it is hard to tell with the thumbnails on the computer and I am just too lazy to look at them larger. But anyway I have posted more at my photo blog..

But here are a few for your enjoyment. (my computer is being slow on uploading the thumbnails) And if you would like me to shoot your family, I'd love to!

and as always, for more wordless wednesday (some real ones with no words) check out www.5minutesformom.com

Please Leave us Alone

Yesterday the kids and I got on top of my in laws garage and swept the leaves off of it, actually we were finishing up the project that G-Man started a few days ago.

Just a little background, my in laws home is a town house situated between two other houses with big trees. We don't have any trees...see where this might be going?

Well Bee, my sweet sweet Bee, was up there sweeping and some of the leaves were given lift off and gently softly fluttered down into the neighbor's courtyard.
And by the way the neighbor came running out, you'd think the ten leaves or so, fell with a huge thud.

Out came the neighbor yelling well not quite yelling but at that moment I was inside and could hear him, telling her not to throw "your leaves" in "my" yard.


It made me want to hike to the top of the roof and just sweep his leaves into his yard..but I refrained and swept them into a pile and into the biodegradable green friendly bags.

BUT I was tempted. I mean really, he knows their not our leaves. And it wasn't like it was her fault...well she did help them off but really my goodness.

So want to see some cute pictures of my girls?
How could someone so cute do something that would cause the neighbor to get mad??

Keep the questions coming too!

December 29, 2008

What the Heck??

I totally missed, totally spaced my 1st Blog anniversary, and do you know what if I had posted about it on my actually anniversary it would have been my 365th post...which do you know what that means??? I have pretty much posted once a day for a whole year???!!! And the crazy part is I know that some days I didn't which means....I posted too many posts some other days...

I am putting together a blog book, which I can't wait to get in to print because you know why?? a whole year of journaling done! with pictures! How cool is that?? I know super cool.

So I have seen people do it before, and since I am a total Blog copycat and want to be like the really cool bloggers out there, I am going to answer whatever questions you want to know.

I know you are dying to ask me something.

So fire away, and I will do a "what you have been reading my blog for a year (or at least pretend like you have been) and don't know that about me?" answer blog.

Come on...ask me...I'll answer anything!


---except for weight, height, and favorite color, and oh yeah street address unless you want to send me flowers or something.

So go ahead ask.

December 28, 2008

Summin' It Up Sunday

Sundays often are days that enable some down time, but with four young screaming fighting bickering cranky ornery little kids, there isn't much time for the good old Sunday naps and journal writing. There really isn't much time to think, let alone do what I am doing now, writing on the blog.

T-rex just woke up from a nap, Bee and G-Man think they have enrolled in WWF, as well G-Man thinks its ok to talk back, and Two just seems to get into every one's face...however at this very second, Two and Bee are sitting peacefully on the couch TOGETHER watching, and the boys are snacking at the kitchen table.

Well ok so it isn't so peaceful! It was for a few minutes....

Oh my gosh...so anyway I was thinking of something catchy and clever to write for this Sunday, for Sundays and I thought Summin' it Up Sunday, I could summarize my week.....in SIX words...no lets make it seven since you know seven days in the week.

Care to join me on this? Summing it Up Sunday in Seven!

Lively chaotic family filling up small places.


Many have asked, few have been told :) no not really, just sounded good. But people have asked what it is we are doing? where are we?

-We just moved from Hawaii after a six month contract, back to Austin, only to find out the day before we left that Eric would no longer be working for his company in Austin. My in laws have taken us SIX into their home, and we will be here until we find a job...I think...Eric is applying all over the US focusing mostly here and in Utah. We are open to anywhere and literally can go anywhere. So anyone knowing anyone hiring Project Managers with public relation, MBA and Masters in Information Systems degrees...let us know! He is the GET IT DONE GUY!

And if you sum up your week in Seven Words, let me know I will check you out...

December 24, 2008

on the 24th day of Christmas

My true love gave to me,
ears to hear the sweet sounds of my children's conversations....did I already say that? I don't remember and if I don't, I don't expect anyone else too.
But as we were driving home after a very long very fun all night Christmas Eve Eve's party, the girls were talking about little Two's little wounds.
First conversation:
Bee: Mom, Mom Two has white stuff on her arms.
The girls were looking at it, two was scratching it. Bee was touching it.
Mom: Oh its ok, it is eczema
Bee: Two its Eczema DON"T TOUCH!! It's a nasty disease.
Mom: Don't scratch it.
Bee: Oh Two make sure not to scratch it, cuz it will get worse.
Second conversation:
Two: I have an owie in my toes.
Mom: I am sorry.
Two: Me need a screwdriver.
Dad: Why?
Two: We go to Grandpa's and Daddy can get a screwdriver and fix it.
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December 23, 2008

On the 23rd Day of Christmas

My true love gave to me...

The Gift of Sorrow.....WHAT? you ask, how can sorrow be a gift?

Well with out sorrow how can we know joy and truly experience the true feelings of joy and happiness? And for that reason I am grateful for the gift of sorrow.

Sorrow has brought me back to Texas, with no home, no car and no job. Sorrow has stranded me with a sad heart un sure of the future. Sorrow brings me wondering how we are going to make ends meet. Sorrow makes me sad for all those right now in my similar situation. Sorrow lets me know that sometimes we aren't in control of our life dealings, but we are in control of how we deal with what is dealt to us.

Sorrow lets me feel the joy of knowing I have healthy, beautiful, smart children. Sorrow lets me know that at least I have a loving husband who is working hard to figure out what the future holds for us. Sorrow lets me rejoice in the fact that my in laws have graciously opened their home to us during this not so fun time.

Sorrow lets me know that even though right now its hard to hold back the tears, that there is hope and that everything like always will work out for the best.

Sorrow is today, but knowing that this too will pass, I find the joy in the little moments.

Joy is seeing Two being able to finally communicate her needs, being big enough to go potty on her own, and dress herself.

Joy is seeing my oldest G-Man cleaning off all the leaves off Grandpa's roof, putting them in six large trash bags, doing it on his own and deciding he wants to go door to door to offer his services, and seeing the excitement in his eyes when he talks about Christmas, even if he has the Santa thing all figured out :(.

Joy is watching T-Rex, walking and following verbal commands, and putting his hand over his laughing mouth and running away when he is told not to do something.

Joy is seeing Bee finding words in text that she can read, helping me out with things, and ever wanting to be my constant side kick.

Joy is hearing my husband say "I love you," and receiving a nice warm hug.

Joy is seeing old friends that are excited to see you.

Joy is waking up to a blue sky, cool air, and knowing that each day is new.

I saw a sign at a friend's house that said "Today is a gift that is why we call it the present."

Each day is a gift, and even in my times of sorrow, I can see the every day joys, and know that soon my sorrows will be replaced, and this too will be a distant memory.

Merry Christmas y'all! Two more days!!!

Side note: Tonight is our favorite of all favorite days Christmas' Eves' Eve!! We love this tradition that the Smith's have shared with us, and of which we have participated the last seven years! I am ready to party tonight!!!

December 22, 2008

22nd day of Christmas

My True love gave to me,

My computer and Internet! I am so grateful for the computer and Internet. I don't know what I'd do with out a computer and the internet, seem to be my life line.

How long could you go with out your internet? Me its like after a few hours I have with drawl...sad I know.

This is my most favorite picture of Two...

And I am also usually tech savvy, but for some reason today I am having a very hard time uploading pictures.

Speaking of Pictures:

I set up a photo blog but for some reason I can't upload pictures the right way anyway if you feel like checking it out: http://corrinescapturings.blogspot.com/

December 21, 2008

on the 21st day of christmas

my true love gave to me

some faithful commenters and followers, even when I in the throws of my life, can't seem to find the energy or time to visit y'all! Thanks so much for stopping by, writing little comments to cheer me up. I appreciate it.

Did you know if you go to your profile, and add your email there, people can hit reply to your comments and send you an email? I love replying to my comments but many don't have a return address...what's stopping you?

Did you know Christmas is in Four DAYS!!!

Total Side Note::I am also starting up my own little photography business...I am going to set up a blog, with some photos I have taken recently. Its a hobby. But in light of recent family events, I could use a little extra income.

Anyway anyone in the Austin area that might be interested I am offering a two hour sitting for $50 included a cd with all the pictures! I take pretty decent photos and would love the opportunity to take your family's picture! Let me know if you are interested or know anyone!

December 20, 2008

On the 20th day of Christmas

my true love gave to me
the opportunity to go shopping with out kids!!

Eric and I spent the morning shopping for much needed gifts, with out the kids, (thanks to my in laws again)

I even got me a really cool awesome gift, that I am not suppose to know I have, well I do cuz I picked it out, but I will act totally surprised on Christmas morning!!

I loved being able to just browse the aisle of Target--oh yeah baby totally missed target being on the islands---forgot how much I love that store....anyway we didn't do too bad picking gifts and it was fun being able to just take our time.

Now I am excited for Christmas and hope the kids love what we got them....oh yeah and now I need to get something for Eric....any suggestions??? What he wants I can't get him...

Happy Holidays!!!

on the 19th day of Christmas

my true love gave to me

My in laws and their home for who knows how many days....

So we flew to Texas...and until we figure out more about our life and where we will be living, our in laws have graciously opened their home to us.

They are too kind, and I feel bad for filling up their house with some of our stuff and mostly my noisy kids. We are so appreciative to them for all that they are doing for us and for all that they are putting up with in having us with them.

Hopefully we won't be cramping their style too long!

Love you guys....

ps...I am not able to blog hop as much as I'd like, because keeping eyes on my kids here pretty much takes up all my time.....will be back visiting y'all as soon as I can...

December 18, 2008

My Personal Hell

I don't know much about other's beliefs but I do believe in a Heaven and a Hell, more or less, I could go deeper in to that, but this isn't the time or place...

But I do believe that your Hell might not be my hell, and I think that I have a glimpse of what my hell would be so now I just really don't want to go there...

My hell is:

  • Traveling on an airplane for six straight hours
  • Departing at midnight
  • Exhausted
  • Having the first person get on the plane and say under his breath but loud enough to hear "Tell me there are no f'ing babies in first class, on a night flight, oh that p's me off"
As he walks past me heading to first class...he had a glimpse of hell too, almost gave him a heart attack as he walked though the bulk head where we were sitting...hahah...was kind of glad when T-Rex screamed all night, just to tick him off...am I mean???
  • Kids fall asleep with a little fussing and thinking this won't be so bad
  • The arm rests don't go up
  • holding an 18 month hold, who sleeps for a bit
  • a screaming 18 month old for a few hours
  • an almost running down the hall, stomping flight attendant asking how she can help make the baby quiet!
  • Thinking to myself, if I could make him quiet you think I would? I mean really I love having a baby screaming and not being able to sleep myself.
  • Having a lady behind you ask if the kids sippy cup is leaking, and knowing that you forgot to put a pull up on your child who wets the bed...sorry lady...when you hold up the full closed water bottle.
  • Passing a baby back and forth to only get him back faster than you passed him.
  • Wet daughter waking up shaking cold, and dampened peed on clothes that you have to go and change in the cramped small stinky bathroom that someone just left after 20 minutes.
  • finally getting the baby to sleep and landing and having to switch planes.
  • getting on second flight with business men traveling
  • thinking yeah have the back to ourselves
  • kids screaming
  • kids kicking seats
  • thinking to yourself 'I have raised monsters'
  • kids switching seats
  • kids jumping over seats
  • kids yelling their ears hurt
  • kids crying
  • kids playing with scissors (how did those pass inspection?)
  • after getting all the kids happy drawing and playing, having the flight attendant tell you that she has to sit down and can't stand in the aisle.
  • holding the screaming three year old trying to explain she can't stand where she was
  • and to top it all off being charge two dollars for a bottle of water on the airplane for 6 hours and not being able to bring water through security! No free beverage service?? What the heck??

And that my friends is my own personal hell. Being shoved into a small place with lots of people and screaming kids....and my first class friend, you might think it is bad to travel with kids on the plane but you my friend can put your head phones on, be given hot warm clothes to wash your hands, served free drinks and not have to deal....And so I am sorry to all those that had to fly with us, because as much as it isn't fun for you, it is totally my hell! And to those that smiled your sweet smiles of sympathy THANK YOU!

We made it home, safe but mostly not sound!

17th day gift of laughter

Ok so gift of laughter, or rather the enjoyment or finding humor in sometimes not humorous moments, is something I have been given.

Monday Bee went with her dad for the day while the other three and I did our last minute errands and goodbyes.

Bee had a wonderful time with her dad. When we picked them up, she was covered in Red Hot Cheetos' hand prints. She passed the remaining few of the big grab bag, to her little brother, and off we went back to the hotel.

Bee complained of a tummy ache, and Eric informed me that all she ate all day was that big bag of FLAMING HOT CHEETOS...I don't know how she ate those because I think they are too hot, but she did...so anyway she decided to go to the bathroom because her stomach hurt so much. And then I hear....

"OWIE OWIE MOmmmmy.....owie owie, it hurts..."

I think to myself...wonder if she is constipated...should I go check on her?

"Owie Mommy...mommmy my pooop is red....owieeeee!"

I think yep most likely constipated...poor girl, better go check.

"Mom you got to come quick, the toilet is red" informs G-man.

Eric chimes in "She is too young isn't she?"

"Yes...she is probably constipated."

Then I go in and check....oh no its not constipation, but the attack of red dye number five and flaming hot Tabasco....I started laughing, when I remembered she had eaten the WHOLE bag on an empty stomach, not sure if the empty stomach played a part, but I think it helped.

Her little BMs were FLAMING HOT RED! And the poor girl was getting burned as it came out. And me her mom, just laughed through it all, as I tried to comfort her.

"Mommy it burns..."

"I'm...(ha, ha, ha) so sorry...hahahah"

On the 17th and 18th day of Christmas

My true love gave to me:

The gift of Laughter and A glimpse of what Hell would be....

More on that later, sorry guys, life is crazy!

December 16, 2008

On the 16th day of Christmas

My true love gave to me.....

My last remaining day in Hawaii!

The fam and I moved out of our Condo on Sunday, and came to stay at a hotel in Waikiki. Monday we didn't get to enjoy the hotel, because we had to clean out the apartment, or rather sit around while someone we hired cleaned our apartment. :) But it allowed us to be able to spend some time with our friends back at the colony.

Anyway so today we have been beach bumming it. With no camera, I don't have pictures, although we did a canoe surf ride and purchased a CD...let's see if we got some cool shots? :

December 15, 2008

ON the 14th and the 15th days of Christmas

My true love gave to me.....

The gift of Comfort and a BED

I realized last night after finishing packing and heading to a hotel, I am loved. But not only that, I have the ability to give comfort. Little T-rex was crying and fussy and just didn't want to sleep in his crib. The same crib he has been sleeping in the last 18 months of his life. I picked him up, and he just calmly settled into my chest. When he fell asleep, I attempted once again to put him in his crib, when again he started fussing. Not wanting to wake our sleeping neighbors I picked him up, lay in my bed with him on my chest again. The second his head rested on my chest he quieted. In the peaceful moment, I realized, I bring comfort to my child. I am a safe little haven to him. Not that I haven't realized it before, well maybe I didn't but yes it just hit me. As I turn to other things for comfort my child rely on me for comfort, and find it. Most of the time. It was a wonderful moment. One that my tired hands have a hard time expressing.

And speaking of comfort, I slept in a bed last night, not on the floor! The last week we have been sleeping on the floor, and the last six months we had a mattress on the floor. It was so nice to step out of bed and not have to push my tired body up and out of bed. Thanks for the bed.

Have a great Monday. Just two more DAYS!!!!

SIDE NOTE: T-Rex threw my digital camera off of the fourth floor lanai, leaving it in a rain storm for two days. I thought I just misplaced it. But when we went out for our last view of the morning sunrise over the waters, there it glistened in the grass...we will see if it will dry out and work like it did after its two toilet dives! But no more pictures of our last days....SO SAD!!!!

December 13, 2008

On the 13th day of Christmas...zzzz

My true love gave to me 13 reasons why I should go to bed:
  1. Its 12:22 AM
  2. Have to pack in the morning
  3. Have to fold LOADSS of Laundry!!
  4. I am tired.
  5. I need some sleep.
  6. I have been up since 4:30
  7. I have a fine little worn out futon mattress calling my name.
  8. the kids r going to be up early
  9. i can hardly type
  10. my legs are already falling asleep
  11. I have only a few more days to enjoy Hawaii- need to be well rested to soak up the last of the sunny rays, that is, if it stops raining.
  12. i am tired and can't think of any more reasons
  13. been writing a book in my dreams and need to go finish it, thats how that twilight lady got started :)

Have a great day!! Hope you had a good night sleep!

December 12, 2008

On the 12th day of Christmas...

my true love stopped giving me gifts!

Ha ha! Not really, but I just don't know if I can think of things up in numbers after twelve. So I am just going to list things, gifts of life that I am grateful for, the true gifts of the holidays.

So on the 12th day my true love gave to me,

C h r i s t m a s L i g h t s!

Being in the tropics, it doesn't feel much like Christmas! Moving in a few days, and no tree, no gifts yet, make it not really feel like Christmas at all! I have been kind of wishin' my kids didn't know about the holiday this year, cuz I would be so tempted to not to do anything.


... last night, in one of the heaviest rain storms we have had on the island, my little family and I walked through the puddles and looked at the lights down town.

It was gorgeous.
It was wet!!!
and it was FUN!
And now I have the Christmas bug and am excited.

Now if presents for the kids would JUST fall into my lap.

Side note, happy 1/2 birthday T-REX!!!
Isn't the little monster so cute?!!

December 11, 2008

Thousand Word Thursday: 11 Days of Christmas

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas my true love gave to me,

ELEVEN REASONS why I got Jack Squat Done yesterday...well not Jack squat because I was able to post, read a few blogs, order some books, work on some books, but yeah....I didn't get much done in regards to packing and cleaning....Eric came home and asked me the first time in our 9 blissful years of marriage "What did you do all day?" and one word, well a few more than that "T-Rex our little Texas Tornado"....

Here are the ELEVEN REASONS in no particular order:

You may recognize some pictures from previous posts, because well I wasn't in a photographing mood yesterday, but there a few already from this morning, after he spilled my slim fast all over the floor, and then dumped cheese (pre grated stuff on the floor) he thought he was still hungry and went to the trash can and dug out of there, and then I guess he decided to give someone a call! He is one busy BOY!
And since posting he has doodled on the wall!!!
Someone Help ME!

December 10, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: On the 9th and 10th Day of Christmas

On the ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, my eyes to see the beautiful world around me:

On the tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, ten hours of peaceful (well mostly peaceful and mostly uninterrupted sleep) sleep, what more could a mom ask for:

And for more wordless Wednesdays check out www.5minutesformom.com Happy Wednesday!

WINNERS of MY Memory Making Poster Give Away

Not sure if that is what I called my give away but I have winners.....you ready??? Ok just so you know I just took the number of comments, wrote the numbers down and drew two winners! (if you didn't win you might want to read to the end of the post)

And the first winner is Abby...who has become my newest blogging friend! Yeah Abby! Congrats Abby!

And the second winner is Tonia! (all those comments paid off :)) Tonia has been a friend for several years now, and it has been fun to get to know each other better through this blogging world.

So girls you are going to need to go to storybooker.com and get started on your posters. If you need help let me know.

And since this was so fun! I am going to give one more away!! Thats right. So if you really wanted to win and didn't, comment here and I will give one more away in the morning. And your chances are pretty good of winning because who is going to read this far?? Right?? And rules are you can comment as much as you want, as long as you say something nice about me :)
Closes tonight at my time midnight! Read, set GO!!

Happy Playing!!!

NEW**** And the winner this time around is Cheryl ANNE! Congratulations! I will email you. Thanks for playing guys...hey I will being doing another one soon! Love you Guys!

December 09, 2008


Our family is moving in ONE WEEK!!! That is right next Tuesday night we will be boarding a plane and heading back to the main land!! Holy COW! Where did the six months go??

Yes we have had a wonderful time.

We have made some dear friends.

We have made treasurable memories!!

We will miss our island paradise!

BUTTTTTTTT.................................HOLY COW I have to PACK!!! I have to sell stuff! We were here just six months where did this stuff come from???

So off to pack! Anyone want to have the kids over to play!! We have to load our container tomorrow....um and so not ready!! Crap....was that just pistachio nuts dropping all over the floor?? Is that water running in the kitchen sink?? Put that marker down!!!

Gotta run!!!

(in the quiet of the night I will post my ninth day post)

December 08, 2008

On the Eighth day of Christmas

My true love gave to me ERIC....ok so that isn't eight things, but today is the 8th, and his birthday! And so I will post eight things I love about my Eric, mingled with some things we have done recently!

  1. Eric makes me laugh! He is always doing silly things and we can sit together and laugh for hours. And yes sometimes I think he is "so immature" but that's Okay, I still laugh!

  2. Eric loves adventures. Like today we went scuba diving!! Swam with sharks!! The boat was not quite circled but kind of with a school of about 200 dolphins..too bad I don't have that really cool camera, and that they all dive down too stinking fast... It was so awesome, I so didn't want to go and am so glad I did.

  3. Ok so you can't see them well in this at all but there are several in the water, the dark shadowy parts.

  4. He is always willing to do anything. Kind of goes with adventures, but if we are sitting around and I say hey lets go hike to the top of whatever (as if I say lets hike much but anyway all I could think of) he is always like "Yes lets go do it." For example back when we were free with only two kids (yeah when you have enough arms to each take a child, it feels care free), it was Memorial Day, and I said to him at 7 in the morning, lets drive to Florida for the week and visit my parents. He said "if you pack the car, I'll go." So I packed the car, we had friends over for our scheduled BBQ and left and drove through the night. Surprising my parents, by calling them and telling them to check the front porch for a package we sent! It was awesome.

  5. Speaking of surprises, Eric likes to plan little surprises for me. He will schedule a babysitter and just take me away. I love that.

  6. He is an awesome planner! I think he should open up a tour guiding/ travel planning company here in Hawaii and then we would never have to leave and we'd all be so happy...and poor! But that is ok, though he would be so awesome at doing that.

  7. He remembers things about people that most people don't remember. For example if you mention once sometime in passing that Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream is your favorite, then he will just one night bring you home some mint chocolate chip ice cream. If you like yellow roses or you really want a cool coral colored shirt, he will just show up with it one day.

  8. He is always willing to take all four kids away for the day so I can stay home and clean (if I knew how to slash out words I would have put blog and check email cross it out and put clean....but I don't know how...) But side note here I love cleaning the house, especially when I am all by myself!

  9. He loves me! I am so not perfect and probably difficult at times to live with. And he still loves me.
and he is Handsome!

I love you Eric!! Happy Birthday!!!

PS, don't forget to sign up for my give away! Ends tomorrow night at 6 PM Pacific....

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