December 04, 2008

On the Fourth Day Of Christmas....

So, I am just on day four and I am having a hard time finding something of four that I am grateful for....my first thought was...

On the 4th day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
FOUR hours of sleep!...Yeah not a lot and yes it was a miserable night.

You know one of those nights, you get everyone in bed, you straighten up a bit. Then you check some email, catch up with your DVR and then think I need to get to bed, kind of night. And then the second you log off your computer, turn off the TV the baby starts screaming.

So I think to myself, I will just brush my teeth and he will stop. And he doesn't. So instead of waking up the whole house at 10:45 I decided to go for a walk. After about an hour I decided to come back home, actually ran into some neighbors and talked for a bit, I came back inside with a screaming child.

I did what I could to try to get him to go back to sleep. Then I passed him off to the hubby. Who T-Rex wanted nothing to do with. After a few tosses back and forth he finally left with his dad to watch the Lifetime Movie Network! Things got a little quiet. I snoozed a little. Then the little guy came running in screaming!! Anyway at some point I fell asleep. At some point he fell asleep.

And all said and done, I got four hours asleep. Better than none! (I took T-Rex to the doctor, no ear infections, but a sinus infection, so poor baby.)

And then I thought what kind of Gift is just four hours of sleep.

Then the thought occurred to me:

On the Fourth Day of Christmas my True Love gave to me
Four healthy beautiful babies!

Yes that is it! Four Beautiful Healthy Babes!

I love my kids. I have my moments of frustration, some days more than others. But I am so grateful I have these wonderful little kids.

G-Man: He is so compassionate and sensitive to others feelings. Sad, funny and true story. Today Two went to work with her dad. After school, the three other kids and I were in the elevator.

I looked around and said "Oh my goodness, we are missing one."

G-Man "Missing one..what?...TWO??? Where is she?"

Me: "Oh my goodness, I must have left her at the store."

G-Man with tears in his eyes and true sadness in his voice "Oh Mom we have to go back! Quick."

I was getting all teared up and sad even though I knew where she was...and then I apologized to him for teasing him. I had know idea how upset he would become.

He is also very smart and has developed a keen ability for art.

Bee: oh she is quite the observer. Often she will just sit and stare and watch people. She notices things and on top of it she remembers it. She when she wants to can be very helpful and sweet. And some how she always gets me to take her on my girls night out. She is a fun little buddy for me. She is imaginative and loves to just talk on her phone....to no one.

Two: She is so happy and friendly. It is hard for her not to have a smile on her face. She is three and has developed that ever so contrary personality of typical three year olds, but she sure is fun. We have a great time hanging out during the day. She loves to get away with things by say "but mom me love you!"

Then there is T-Rex, he is so busy and active and so gosh darn cute. He is a climber! I spend most of the day getting him off of counters. He is easy going but has learned the great trick of squatting on the floor when someone tries to pick him up. Though he is slow on his speech, he understands so much. Like if someone in the next room says "let's go swimming," he will show up with swim suit in hand.

So there you have it.

Four Beautiful Healthy Kids! I am so lucky.


Lynn said...

Oh, so much to be thankful for! You are right.

We very, very rarely have sleepless nights anymore, and with a 10yo, then it's just a bad dream or something, but for the most part, those screaming nights are just a memory. But a good one. I know it's hard to think you'll miss it, but...

So, I'm thankful that we now have mostly restful nights, and also thankful that we used to have an occasional restless night. :)

You have a beautiful family!


Yvonne said...

I agree with lynn--you will miss it.

It is wonderful to have those beautiful, happy, healthy little ones. Enjoy them--I know you do.

Tonya said...

You really are blessed with some wonderful children. I've never met them but I just know we would get along. What a lucky mommy. Even on four hours of sleep ;o)

Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

I have a post started for just the 12 days of Christmas and have not published it yet because I can't find anything for 11. Good job with the kids. It is a blessing to have them healthy for sure.

Shannon and Brad said...

Oh what sweet beautiful children. And you are a beautiful mother!

Karen MEG said...

You have beautiful kids!!!

I don't think I've slept through the night once since I've had my kids. I'm a light sleeper too.

But I suppose it comes with the territory. I don't expect it will get any better, especially when they're teens LOL!

Heather (How to be a Woman..?) said...

Aww, poor little fella with the sinus infection! And poor little you for not EVER getting a break!

I can so relate. I'm always on high alert but every now and then I'm like hmm... both kids are napping at once. It's like all the planets aligned. Then as soon as I grab a snack, bundle up on an afghan and lie on the couch to snooze/watch a movie, "Waaaaaaaa!". Honestly, how do they know?

Your kids are beautiful. You're all very lucky to have each other.

ABOUT US said...

What a beautiful family and blog post. you are very blessed and I do remember the 4 hours a sleep maybe it was just two hours I don't remember but my daughter was colicy and I had twins I breast fed so I was up feeding all night LOL, I thought I would never get another full night of sleep in my life. What great memories.

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