December 30, 2008

Please Leave us Alone

Yesterday the kids and I got on top of my in laws garage and swept the leaves off of it, actually we were finishing up the project that G-Man started a few days ago.

Just a little background, my in laws home is a town house situated between two other houses with big trees. We don't have any trees...see where this might be going?

Well Bee, my sweet sweet Bee, was up there sweeping and some of the leaves were given lift off and gently softly fluttered down into the neighbor's courtyard.
And by the way the neighbor came running out, you'd think the ten leaves or so, fell with a huge thud.

Out came the neighbor yelling well not quite yelling but at that moment I was inside and could hear him, telling her not to throw "your leaves" in "my" yard.


It made me want to hike to the top of the roof and just sweep his leaves into his yard..but I refrained and swept them into a pile and into the biodegradable green friendly bags.

BUT I was tempted. I mean really, he knows their not our leaves. And it wasn't like it was her fault...well she did help them off but really my goodness.

So want to see some cute pictures of my girls?
How could someone so cute do something that would cause the neighbor to get mad??

Keep the questions coming too!


Jessica S Howard said...

How rude! The leaves did need to come off. I remember seeing them there when we were there in June and I told mom you could get a lot more sunlight if you got these leaves off here. Glad you guys are able to help out.

Kristin said...

Neighbors, people, why can't they all be as "cool" as us??!!!

Andrea said...

That's so mean! Your kids are too cute to make anyone mad.

Sunnie said...

Those are such cute Christmas Dresses. I love them, they will look great on Valentines day too. I can't believe that neighbor. Watch out that you don't walk on his grass!

April said...

That is soooo ridiculous! That is why I love living in my small town...people do not care...they don't even rake their yards!!! I believe my dog might have to use his yard for a restroom!

Yvonne said...

That would be so annoying. How could anyone think such darling little girls could be bad ; )

Liz said...

poor babies...I don't know how people think they have the right to say anything to someone else's kids....ugh....sorry that happened to you.

Tonya said...

What is up with that? How on Earth could someone get mad at that cute little face. Sheesh people, it's leaves for crying out loud.

Nancy Face said...

I would SOOO have been tempted to throw extra leaves in that yard! >:)

Your girls are the cutest! :)

Paula Constable said...

oh man! Good for you for doing the right thing. Grrrr.

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