December 08, 2008

On the Eighth day of Christmas

My true love gave to me ERIC....ok so that isn't eight things, but today is the 8th, and his birthday! And so I will post eight things I love about my Eric, mingled with some things we have done recently!

  1. Eric makes me laugh! He is always doing silly things and we can sit together and laugh for hours. And yes sometimes I think he is "so immature" but that's Okay, I still laugh!

  2. Eric loves adventures. Like today we went scuba diving!! Swam with sharks!! The boat was not quite circled but kind of with a school of about 200 dolphins..too bad I don't have that really cool camera, and that they all dive down too stinking fast... It was so awesome, I so didn't want to go and am so glad I did.

  3. Ok so you can't see them well in this at all but there are several in the water, the dark shadowy parts.

  4. He is always willing to do anything. Kind of goes with adventures, but if we are sitting around and I say hey lets go hike to the top of whatever (as if I say lets hike much but anyway all I could think of) he is always like "Yes lets go do it." For example back when we were free with only two kids (yeah when you have enough arms to each take a child, it feels care free), it was Memorial Day, and I said to him at 7 in the morning, lets drive to Florida for the week and visit my parents. He said "if you pack the car, I'll go." So I packed the car, we had friends over for our scheduled BBQ and left and drove through the night. Surprising my parents, by calling them and telling them to check the front porch for a package we sent! It was awesome.

  5. Speaking of surprises, Eric likes to plan little surprises for me. He will schedule a babysitter and just take me away. I love that.

  6. He is an awesome planner! I think he should open up a tour guiding/ travel planning company here in Hawaii and then we would never have to leave and we'd all be so happy...and poor! But that is ok, though he would be so awesome at doing that.

  7. He remembers things about people that most people don't remember. For example if you mention once sometime in passing that Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream is your favorite, then he will just one night bring you home some mint chocolate chip ice cream. If you like yellow roses or you really want a cool coral colored shirt, he will just show up with it one day.

  8. He is always willing to take all four kids away for the day so I can stay home and clean (if I knew how to slash out words I would have put blog and check email cross it out and put clean....but I don't know how...) But side note here I love cleaning the house, especially when I am all by myself!

  9. He loves me! I am so not perfect and probably difficult at times to live with. And he still loves me.
and he is Handsome!

I love you Eric!! Happy Birthday!!!

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Andrea said...

How sweet! Sounds like you won the husband lottery. ;)

Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

How Sweet! He is a pretty cool guy if I do say so myself.

Helene said...

Your hubby sounds so wonderful!! And I can just tell by the way you write that you are still head over heels for him (and that's HUGE after having 4 kids!!) You have such a beautiful family!!!

Thanks for the comment on my blog! Looking forward to reading yours more (through the Comment Club!)

Rachel said...

What a guy!!!!!! He sounds like such a sweetie. Tell him Happy Birthday for me! :)

Charly said...

Aaaaw! That was sweet!

Janine said...

Lucky girl! I love surprises too.

Yvonne said...

That was such a sweet post. He sounds like a great guy.

Happy Birthday, Eric.

pecas said...

Happy Birthday eric..by the way I like mint chocolate chip ice cream!

Sheri said...

Happy Birthday! It was on our Calendar to call you, but I was gone all day and night with work and a program and Greg got caught up in working on the basement! Lame excuses... come to Utah for Christmas and we can go out!!

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