December 24, 2008

on the 24th day of Christmas

My true love gave to me,
ears to hear the sweet sounds of my children's conversations....did I already say that? I don't remember and if I don't, I don't expect anyone else too.
But as we were driving home after a very long very fun all night Christmas Eve Eve's party, the girls were talking about little Two's little wounds.
First conversation:
Bee: Mom, Mom Two has white stuff on her arms.
The girls were looking at it, two was scratching it. Bee was touching it.
Mom: Oh its ok, it is eczema
Bee: Two its Eczema DON"T TOUCH!! It's a nasty disease.
Mom: Don't scratch it.
Bee: Oh Two make sure not to scratch it, cuz it will get worse.
Second conversation:
Two: I have an owie in my toes.
Mom: I am sorry.
Two: Me need a screwdriver.
Dad: Why?
Two: We go to Grandpa's and Daddy can get a screwdriver and fix it.
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Tonya said...

I love the conversations we have with our kids. They are too funny.

Andrea said...

LOL That's too cute! Screwdrivers can fix anything. ;)

kel said...

so stinking cute!
Hope you have a great holiday!

Jessica S Howard said...

That is so cute!! Merry Christmas

PaulsHealthblog.com said...

Our 20 month old is just now learning his first words, but boy, can he ever communicate!

The dramatic looks he gives us when he's angry.

Or how he points and bounces when he wants something in particular to eat.

What was once simple, like going to the store, is now an event. Kids are such a pain in the buttocks - and I wouldn't change a thing.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Yvonne said...

Merry Christmas. Hope you all have a fantastic day.

Jeff and Anna too! said...

Merry Christmas-despite the neighbor being a hooker and yelling at your kiddo, and despite the job loss... man that's hard!

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