December 12, 2008

On the 12th day of Christmas...

my true love stopped giving me gifts!

Ha ha! Not really, but I just don't know if I can think of things up in numbers after twelve. So I am just going to list things, gifts of life that I am grateful for, the true gifts of the holidays.

So on the 12th day my true love gave to me,

C h r i s t m a s L i g h t s!

Being in the tropics, it doesn't feel much like Christmas! Moving in a few days, and no tree, no gifts yet, make it not really feel like Christmas at all! I have been kind of wishin' my kids didn't know about the holiday this year, cuz I would be so tempted to not to do anything.


... last night, in one of the heaviest rain storms we have had on the island, my little family and I walked through the puddles and looked at the lights down town.

It was gorgeous.
It was wet!!!
and it was FUN!
And now I have the Christmas bug and am excited.

Now if presents for the kids would JUST fall into my lap.

Side note, happy 1/2 birthday T-REX!!!
Isn't the little monster so cute?!!


Jessica S Howard said...

How fun! I totally agree with how it doesn't feel like christmas when it is 80 degrees outside. I do love the Hawaiians take on christmas decorations, like sand castles instead of snowmen.

steffenboysmom said...

You live on an island? I'm so jealous! It's snowing here today in Indiana!

Maybe I should blow some your way!

I have not gone shopping either. I heard that the angel trees are loaded this year( charity). I would like to take my boys and pick 6 tags and have each of them buy a gift.
Think they would go for that?

da Bergs said...

CUTE FUN pictures!!! Oh, memories...

katharine said...

are you coming back to austin, or will you be elsewhere for christmas?

Yvonne said...

Fun pictures. How's the packing???

Charmaine said...

How fun! Our next door neighbors go all out for Christmas, so we get our fill of Christmas lights right here!

Marci said...

have fun unpacking! your kids will LOVE seeing all their old toys again and you will LOVE having everything back. I still get excited to look in my closet and see all my stuff. my question now is what other austinite is going to put all their stuff in storage and go on a long extended vacation/hubby work assignment?

Kristin said...

T-Rex has beautiful colored eyes;) Glad you had fun family time visiting the lights!

Kami said...

Rinn, I need your address to send you a christmas card. E-mail it to me, pretty please! luv your guts

Andrea said...

Seriously, the presents-falling-into-laps thing would be so nice.

Stephanie said...

Happy 1/2 birthday and he is absolutely adorable!!!

I love looking at Christmas lights..that's one of my favorite things to do this time of year. :)

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