February 26, 2009

did you ever wonder why?

did you ever wonder why there are no "fun" candy filled, tasty food holidays during the warm months when you can actually go out side and exercise and burn off those fun treats??

I mean really have you thought about it? Starting with Halloween (end of October as if you didn't know the date) until Easter (mid April) there is almost a holiday each month that shoves food down your throat...well it doesn't shove it down your throat but it is there yelling to you to come eat it. And you begin to make the treats and there is candy on your shelf for those six straight months. And then bam. No more fun treats and candies.

Why?? Is it a crazed marketing tool, to fatten you up during the cold, dark and dreary months, to only succor you into the diet craze for the next six months?

Why isn't there any fun candy backing holidays during those other months?? I mean yeah you have your bbq's on Memorial, Independence and Labor day, but why not have flag Peeps, or fun little star shaped sweettarts? Or Red, White and Blue candy corn?

Did you ever wonder why, some bloggers have comment moderation and word verification as well??? seems over kill to me (sorry to my friends that have it) but really if you are approving comments, do you really have to have us type those few extra letters that half the time I can't read? I never have spam commenters....maybe I am not cool enough, but just curious as to why the double protection?? I don't get it.

Did you ever wonder how they get the filling in the Twinkies? "I think it was just born there"....


Did you ever wonder who in their right mind would see a movie before reading a book, and who would be crazy enough to never read the Twilight Series, and Harry Potter books for that matter? Yeah that's right. Me!

I saw Twilight tonight and cheesy and well give Edward a laxative or something, but really liked it and really want to read the books now. I am so glad I didn't read the books because it would have TOTALLY ruined the movie. :)

Did you ever wonder why you need to rinse and wash dishes before putting them in the dishwasher?


Did you ever wonder why they think heart failure is the number one cause of death? when death is when your heart stops beating? so like isn't that like pot calling the kettle black?


Did you ever wonder why you mindlessly write blog posts in hopes to receive a few comments from people that you have never met? because the ones you know, never comment and then later say to you....as you repeat your ramblings..."oh yeah I read that on your blog?"


Did you ever wonder how many licks it would take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?


Did you ever wonder why you should be sleeping and you can't shut off your mind?


Did you ever wonder why you can remember commercials from your early childhood, but can't remember what you did yesterday?


jubilee said...

I've wondered a few of those things myself.
For the first time, this Valentine's Day I saw pink and white candy corn! Can you imagine what the kids' tongues would look like after eating read white and blue candy corn?! Like a rocket pop, only not so cold, I guess.

Yvonne said...

Many of those things I've wondered about and some, well, now you have me wondering ; )

He And Me + 3 said...

I have wondered so many of those things it is ridiculous. You had me laughing. The people I know read the blog and don't comment too...it totally ticks me off. I swear my bloggy friends are better than they are. But non bloggging friends just don't get the whole blogging thing. lOL

Cheryl Anne said...

oh sure, as if I didn't have enough to lose sleep over. :) Thanks for helping me wonder.

Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

Nice wonderings today. I do think it is lame to wash dishes to then put them in the dishwasher. When Jason does dishes you don't need to put them in the dish washer, they are that clean. Also, you should have read Twilight first because I didn't like the movie, however I have never read the Harry Potter books, but love the movies so in that case, do whatever you like.

Sheri said...

I wonder many things... but not many of those!! You should definately read the Twilight books... I don't even want to see the movi in case it ruins the books for me!! You know me and I do comment on your blog... I hate commenting on the ones that I have to type the word... sometimes I just don't on those!! I love your pics of the lake and mountains!! Can't wait to work out a time to get some pics done!!

Jenni Jiggety said...

I have wondered a bunch of those things! I do enjoy the red white and blue M&M's that come out over the summer...

Amber said...

Yes, as a matter of fact, I have wondered about every.single.one of those! For the record, I'm lucky enough to have warm weather around Halloween and Easter!! Thank the Lord!

I was *just* going to blog about how I spend so much time on the computer, responding to comments, reading & commenting on other people's posts, and I only know of a couple people in my *real* life that read it. And none of them comment! But then they'll say, "Oh ya, I read that". Ugh! :)

Great post!

Helene said...

I totally loved this post...it made me laugh!!! I have wondered about some of the same things!! Love the one about heart failure being the #1 cause of death....not that it's funny as in haha funny but like you mentioned yeah, your heart is no longer working when you're dead so heart failure kinda makes sense!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

You are so clever! I almost wrote cleaver.

Now I'm wondering all those things!

And I miss those Tootsie Pop commercials. Why can't they have commercials like that for our kids!

Nancy Face said...

Oooh, this post was extra fun, and so is your cute header! :)

They used to make 4th of July M&M's...I loved 'em! :D

Tonia said...

Three licks. It was in a commercial I saw as a kid :)

Maren said...

Hi Corrine! It's Maren - your old Alma Branch pal. I'm so glad I found you! Love the blog. I have been reading it a ton over the past few days. As for your 400th post, I had to comment! I knew you between the ages of 10 and 14, and I thought you were awesome and very fun (still do). Also I know one boy who had a crush on you then and all through high school. I think we just can't see ourselves clearly at that age.

I got on the bandwagon and started my own blog: www.elliottfoundations@blogspot.com
You have to check out the "Old Friends" post on January 6th. I thought you might enjoy the photo.

Also, my e-mail is:

I miss you!

Jeff and Anna too! said...

haha amen.

You crack me up!

I watch movies all the time without reading the books! I'm such a sinner.

I will second the July 4 peep motion!

Angela said...

I got lots of spam comments before I did the word varification. I wish I didn't have to have it up.

I would much rather wonder about those things than what is on my mind lately.

Thanks for the thoughts

Becky said...


Those are so funny. I'm one of those people who don't comment very often...haha.

I think when I was a kid we actually tried to count how many licks it took..it was like..300 before we gave up...


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