March 02, 2009

And Y'all Can Play at any TIME!

Do you ever remember hearing the smallest record player (or insert favorite musical instrument here) playing my heart bleeds for you? You know the one little tiny instrument that fits between your pointer and thumb and is played by rubbing the fingers around together? Yeah that one. Go ahead an play it at any point during this post because I will tell you what I might need some cheese with my whine, as well as some great back ground music.

I think if I haven't yet, I am about to lose my mind. Give me a few hours of sleep, and I think I do ok, take away my sleep and I am not fun to be around at all. And not like the little monsters I live with are any fun after little sleep either, but they seem to rebound better.

Saturday night, Bee woke up at about midnight and crawled into our bed, to only roll over and throw up all over our bed and Eric. (yeah for me) After changing our sheets, and bathing her, we decided to make her a bed in the tub. She actually was excited about it, but woke up about every 30 minutes to throw up again. It was a miserable night to say the least.

At least Sunday Eric took the other three to church and then to visit cousins, so it was actually a pleasant day with just Bee.

But then they all came home, we fed them dinner. And life became crazy again. My poor parents, I think we are about to drive them to a nut house, if we haven't already turned their quiet sanctuary into a total mental institution. I think everything my kids do is triple obnoxious because I know there are two other adults that are being driven crazy which compounds my own stress level. (go ahead rub your fingers together....)

We tried to confine the kiddos to our room and oh my gosh they were just crazy. So I went into their room to read. Then they joined me and I was like done. All of you! Off with your heads...I mean off to bed.

So we got them down for the most part with only a little kicking and screaming. But the quiet only lasted but a few minutes, and then crying and screaming started. What the heck! What does a mom have to do to get some sleep around here.

About now I am sure your fingers are sore from rubbing them.

Then T-Rex woke up screaming at about 9:30 (only been asleep for about 30 minutes myself), I quieted him and then put him back to sleep.

Only to be followed out of the room by a screaming crying TWO an hour or so later. Got her to sleep on our floor and then I finally fell back to sleep. But that didn't last when T-Rex started screaming again at 1:30. I went in to try to get him to lay down when fowl scents filled my nostrils. He had the runs.

I picked him up and could feel it in his pj legs. So after changing him and redressing him, he would have nothing to do with his crib, so I put him in my bed. He slept fine until about three when I put him back in his crib, to only have him wake up screaming again at 4 and I put him in bed with me again. To only have his sister TWo climb in our bed at a quarter to five, waking him up and he would no longer sleep.

So Eric took the screaming duo up stairs to see if some warm milk could help them go back to sleep. Lets just say its 8:22 and no one is sleeping. Though Two did crawl back in bed with me for a bit, and we fell asleep until a little before six when I heard T-Rex belting at the top of his lungs...anyway

I took him for a walk and he slept most of the way.

Now how to survive the rest of the day??? Actually the rest of the week? The rest of my uncertain life??

Yeah you see, to top off no sleep, and crying kids and loud noises and not being in our own home, stressing about keeping peace and quiet and order...

Still no job yet.

Whaaaa Whaaa!!!!


Maren said...

That sounds horrible - and I totally identify. I am living with my parents with a toddler and a baby. My two year old thinks their room is the best place to play. I really hope you can get some sleep soon - there is no way to cope without it. And I do hope the job comes really soon. I'll pray for you all. I don't think it is whiny of you at all. It's probably healthy to vent.

Charly said...

I hope you get an afternoon nap squeezed in somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, you are my hero. I can hardly handle my one baby, I can't even imagine taking care of four. You are amazing. I want to watch you in action someday.

I totally hear you about the "triple obnoxious because of the other adults" thing. I've felt that way ever since we moved into the apartment in June... I feel that way every time Toby throws a fit in the store, and especially when we visit my grandma and she asks "well what's wrong with him?" Nothing, he's just a pain! I live in constant fear that our upstairs neighbors are going to call CPS on us because Toby screams so much. Sheesh.

April said...

OMG....I don't know how you are doing it! I'll be saying prayers for finding a job really soon!

Have you tried a little benedryl....for sleep purposes!

Debbie said...

I can feel your pain! Crying kids are so tough. Hope you have a better day.

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Sounds like my house! Do you need me to send you some of my happy pills?

I screwed up my swap button. Can you come over & grab it again?

He And Me + 3 said...

Love the new look and the new header...so cute. That post sounds like...when it rains it pours. hope you get some sleep soon. It is always worse with each hour of sleep we are deprived. LOl

Sheri said...

Sometimes it helps a little to just let it out! I am so sorry! The situation you are in is so tough - I do know!! No sleep makes the world seem like the sky is falling! I think the Benadryl idea has some merit!! Good luck, tie a knot and hang on! Love ya!

Andrea said...

I've been in similar situation, but with only one kid...not four! I think you're amazing for still hanging in there.

Tonya said...

Can I play the worlds smallest violin instead of the record player?

But seriously, what a horrid couple of days. You guys have so much going on right now. When it rains, it pours. I do hope things look up soon. At least you've kept your sense of humor.

Kelley said...

You'll hear no violin from me. You have every right to whine away! I hope things get better soon! "You deserve a break today." Yep, that's right, I broke out the cheesy '80s McDonald's commercial to get you to crack a smile :)

Yvonne said...

I won't play a record player, violin, or anything. I feel for you TOTALLY. I can't imagine how stressful it would be living in someone else's house with little ones (even if it is your parents). I'm sorry about the no job situation--hope things get better SOON.

merathon said...

oh, man. i've had days/nights like that too, so i can definitely feel your pain! hope things are looking up, especially on the job front!

i did get your package and i have been meaning to email you to thank you, but you know how that goes! thank you so much! i haven't done my pay it forward yet, but i will as soon as i think of what i will send!

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