March 25, 2009

Just when you come up for air....

a big ol' hand reaches and pushes your head back under the water....or so it feels like it.

Its a little after three am, and my husband is at the ER with our little T-REX. He spiked a fever a few days ago, Sunday night, and then when we took him in to the doctor Monday, he had bronchitis and pneumonia, with no other signs, coughing, running nose...nothing...other than well the little weasing...minor detail right....anyway we were surprised more or less.

Today his breathing became more shallow and wheezy and more coughing....coughing is good isn't it? But tonight, as I slept next to him, he began coughing and coughing and coughing followed by very rapid shallow breathing. So hear I sit typing, worrying about how the little guy is doing, while his dad drives to the ER in the snow and probably on very icy roads.

I can't sleep. I probably should have gone with him. I should try sleeping. I do have to work tomorrow.

I started last week working in an Autistic preschool at a near by elementary school. I really like it. I think they like me, because they have asked me to sub all week. I am suppose to only work Thursday and Friday. I enjoy the opportunity to make some money.

Eric is finding out how fun it is to stay home with four kids. Do I feel bad for him? Not at all, sorry sweetie....ok maybe a little since I know how tough it can be. I just hear his little sob....I mean...um just stories about the day....like "t-rex unrolled a whole roll of toilet paper, and while I was cleaning that up, Bee climbed on top of the fridge and got out that very bright red nail polish you bought yesterday and painted herself, her clothes and the kitchen floor. And after we cleaned that up Two pooped her pants...." I just smile, nod and say "I'm sorry" and really I am thinking...."you see what my days are like...and throw in doing four loads of laundry, making calls and (actually I don't really ever make calls just sounded good in my head) loaded and un loaded the dishwasher, and......well you know"

Anyway I am grateful that he is willing to watch the kids and attempt to look for a job during the chaos of tending children. I love you Eric THANK YOU!!

Anyone want to earn a few extra dollars watching two kids in the afternoons, for a couple of hours???

Well I best get some sleep, even though that isn't likely all things considering. I know it will be ok....because I wrote about it and let it out in the air....its just going to be a fun little night spending ER trip.....where is T-Rex's birth certificate so we can get him on MEDICAID???


Marci said...

my heart breaks for you guys. i really hope things start looking more up in your life and that you don't go crazy until it happens. we do love you!

Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

Love you and hang in there. Also, don't feel bad for Eric, it is good for him. It is hard, but good for them to know what you do and appreciated it. Hope Timmy is doing better soon, that oxygen level is not good. Glad there is a hospital close for you guys.

Yvonne said...

Oh, corrine, I am so sorry. I hope things get better. It just seems like this is such a tough time for so many.

He And Me + 3 said...

I think being a parent is all about holding your breath...coming up for air sometimes just isn't an option.
I hope that T-rex is ok and gets better soon.
Try and get some rest.

Sheri said...

Okay.... I give up... you win! Now stop trying so hard for the best survivor story!! In all seriousness, you are in our prayers and I think you are amazing for hangin on! Just hold tight!

Nancy Face said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! It's so hard when our little ones get so very sick...such a worry! I'm glad you and your hubby were able to quickly get him the medical help he needed!

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