October 03, 2009

Moms are like Rock Stars

Moms are like rock stars and famous people. Moms are probably the most famous of them all. Invasion of privacy! No where to hide! Just like a star can't go to the store with out her/his name being called out, cameras flashing, a mom can't leave a room, even use a restroom with out the call of her name, and panic stricken calls until she is found. If only a mom can have a little anonymity sometimes. You know so at least she can go in bathroom in peace. I feel the pain of the rich and famous, I can't get away with out the constant calls, as they can't. I think I am going to get a wig and call myself Sheila...maybe just maybe I can get a little privacy.

Being a mom takes a lot of work! Its hard and unlike the stars the paychecks don't seem to match the fame. Some moments it is wonderful to have the notoriety but other days I'd like to just hide out or spend a day with out being followed. Some days I'd like to be a nobody.

But I am a somebody and that is just the risks involved in this job.

And on a totally unrelated note, and one of probably a little whining...not trying to...but it has to come out. EVERYBODY I know has been or is going to Disneyland this month! Ok not everybody, you probably are saying not me...but seriously ALL my friends are going this week, ok not all but two of my dearest friends just on my street are going...what am I going to do with out them, and my sister is going....and my brother and his family just went!

Did I miss some kind of special?? Are we not in some kind of recession? Am I the only one out there that is seriously hurting for money? I don't even have money to buy a Disney sticker let alone a trip.

I am not jealous. I am happy for them. What a fun and happy time for them. It just hit me odd and funny that everyone around me, ok like I said not everyone but almost everyone is headed to the land of bliss when I am lets just say not totally there.

I know lately I have been thinking we make what we make out of life. I mean really if you think your life stinks you need to start by smelling your own pits, I mean a lot of life is your attitude and how you see it.

And really I am happy and I am blessed. I made a comment recently on Facebook that" just when I thought my life couldn't get any worse it did"...and then as I stewed on it and knew the comments that some have said "oh it could be my friends such and such...blah blah...." Yeah I know some where else someone has it "worse" and as I stewed on that thought I then made the comment "If my life gets any worse it would be yours."

That sentence made me laugh. Because even though things are rough, someone else does have it worse, right? But at what point do we get to the bottom of the worser off totum pole? Or is it a circle? I mean I could be famous, with all the money I need to survive and at a grocery store, with no makeup on and have people putting my picture on the front cover of a magazine calling me a cow or something? Right, that could be worse? I could be sitting in a hospital with a very sick child...that for sure would be worse.....Or I could be waiting in long lines at Disneyland, with all the crowds and EVERYONE and a sweaty smelly man standing too close too me, with kids running around screaming..... What ever it may be I really think though we are only tried and challenged and given the worse that we can get through.

I am happy to be where I am. I am happy to not be able to poop in peace because I know I am loved and I love them too. I am glad I can't afford to buy things, it is causing me to see what I really need....and helping teach my kids creativity, like junk mail makes great TP...It just comes with the job. I am a rock star MOM!


Yvonne said...

I always wondered if "misery loves company" makes any of us feel any better.

Hang in there.

Angela said...

Even the rich and famous get to get away sometimes. We all need that.
Four kids and Disney sounds exhausting.
I don’t plan on going until I know for sure my son will remember part of the trip when he is older. That means I at least have one more year.
Life sure isn’t easy.
Those little life lessons are unforgettable and sometimes make for very happy memories.
Thinking of you

Sheri said...

Good Analogy as usual, I know a lot of people in Disney Land too and sisters going on a cruise next week! Maybe someday!!

Rachel said...

Ha -- I need to remember this post the next time I can't "poop in peace" (which is a regular occurrence around here, lol). Great post.

Following In My Shoes

Shannon said...

I now feel totally guilty that we are going to Disneyland this month!

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