September 22, 2009

Missing socks

My kids and I are searching though a laundry basket to find all the missing socks..how do we have a basket full of socks and no matches? Where do they all go?

Missing socks such a quandary, kind of like time, where does it go? How does it move so fast?

I lay in bed this morning thinking about how if this past family trial were a pregnancy I'd be holding a brand new baby, having sleepless nights taking care of a beautiful infant, instead I am having sleepless nights wondering how I am going to take care of the ones I have.

A cloud of overwhelmingness hung/hangs over my head this morning. Not sure how we are going to make it and yet wondering how we made it this far. But some how time has gone on and we are here today.

Am I better for the time that passed? Or am I missing some matches to life lessons?

Why am I going through this? Is it my fault? Do I need to learn something? Do people around me need to learn something from me? I think its a lot of everything, just a lot of single socks around me, waiting to find their match, each question searching for its answer.

I know we will get through this struggle, we always do. Though it is hard when you are in the mist of it all, just like staring at this pile of hundreds of miss matched socks. You start with one and go from there, and life you start with one thing and go from there.

My starting sock is going to be my blessings. I have had friend email me recently that is going through a similar circumstance, and she suggested I write down the blessings and lessons I am learning through this all...

  • it is ok to ask other for help and it is ok to get help!
  • I know what it is really what I need to live on and what I can live with out, you know knowing the difference between true needs and wants.
  • simple things bring simple pleasures
  • sitting up at night talking and reading stories is the best type of entertainment
  • family can not be replaced with money or things
  • friends are wonderful, and you know who are your true friends in rough times.
  • there are assistance programs out there to help you get on your feet and its ok to call on them.
  • life isn't fair and that is ok.
  • I feel better prepared to be there for others.
  • I have realized how little we can live on.
  • I have some cool talents and need to share them more with others.
  • I have a wonderful husband and if we can get through this we can get through anything.
  • I love Ogden!
  • someone else always has it worse and there is always an opportunity to serve
  • you don't have to have money to serve
  • when you serve others you do forget about yourself and your problems and Heavenly Father looks out for you.
  • you are never alone.

Well I have to get these socks folded and Two off to preschool!


Yvonne said...

Great post--great thoughts--thank you.


Sheri said...

Nice connection... I can't think of the right word.... so connection will have to do! I personally am tired of looking for the matches in both senses... so I am just throwing it all into a basket and everyone else can find their own matches!!

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