September 03, 2009

Am I a terrible Mom because....

my last post stirred up some comments that made me wonder...at least about my ability to discipline which to be honest is some days in need of Nanny 911. However I think that a lot of my parenting goes to the part of me who doesn't like to be told what to do...and do not like CONTROLLING people (either telling people what to do, or people that feel the need to tell people what to do)...I guess I have the mixed up idea that for some reason people have brains and that they should be able to make good choices...

now don't get me wrong I BELIEVE that children should be guided, nurtured, disciplined and taught right from wrong, and I do Get after my kids...though for some reason they laugh and think I am playing with them....maybe it is because most of the time I am playing with them, and every once in awhile my mean ugly voice comes out and they know I am serious...

It is tough being a parent, and knowing what to do...and yet at the same time, I know how tough it is being an adult and making big decisions and caring for others, that part of me just really wants my kids to enjoy life and not have to worry about it. There will be plenty of time to worry about it later.....

Anyway yesterday I took Two and T-Rex to the church, I am a nursery leader, in charge of the kids under 4...and we cleaned the nursery and organized the toys. T-Rex and Two were so excited to be there and took the cleaning wipes and were cleaning toys and putting things away. Two even helped put out a toy struggle between T-Rex and some little boy.

One of the gals helping out there said "Man I need to take your kids home, they help clean and they help take care of kids..."

And the thought came to me, "she should of seen them YESTERDAY" but then it also occurred to me, that you know I am doing something right sometimes.

So its is wrong of me to:

let my kids eat cupcakes for breakfast?
walk to the store with me and pick out lunchables for lunch and let them eat them before 10 am?
gather up their toys and sell them on the front lawn?
offer to mow a neighbors lawn?
watch a movie before bed instead of reading stories?
nights when they are scared let them crawl into bed with me?
let them eat the popsicles until they are all gone? knowing that they won't have anymore the rest of the week?
curl up with me and read stories instead of taking a nap?
letting them go outside and play instead of helping me clean? (i mean how much easier is it to clean up with out them around helping??"
let them eat in the car?
let them lick the beaters and dip them back in the batter?

I don't think so! They are good kids, they make me laugh most days and CRAZY the other days! And hopefully we will all remember the laughs more than the tears!

And then this happens!
So maybe someone needs to call Nanny 911 on me! I just went to my computer to answer a few emails, and the kids were down stairs playing....then Two came up wanting water, and I told her just a minute, then she comes running back into me, "OH no MOM come quick, you have to see what T-Rex is doing...Its bad, berry berry bad!"
"Just a second I say.""
"Come quick, hurry, you gonna be berry mad!"
I walk in to find the above mess....and T-REX laughing and laughing! Oh the little stinker....the girls have cleaned it all up...now time for me to fix the rest...Oh my goodness!
THough I am laughing have you ever played in five pounds of flour...its so soft!


Becky said...

You will always remember the laughs more then the tears. Your kids really are amazing...and that's because they have had awesome parents raising them.

I think your kids will look back and be grateful that you do so much with them and that you were there for them. :)

Lynnette said...

I once heard someone say, "There is no way to be a perfect mom, but a million ways to be a good one." That really stuck with me. I'm sure some will look at that list and disagree with some of them... and that's ok. I believe the children we have were sent to us for a reason, and it's because you have the potential to be just the Mom they need. Of course there will be missteps and mistakes, and good because kids need to see that and understand messing up is part of life. But I think you have a great perspective in that you are focused on seeing the good and creating happy memories amidst the chaos. :)

sarah and jeremy said...

Ha! Too funny. I'm with ya on EVERYTHING! When Trey goes to day care at the gym I always get people telling me how well behaved he is and what good manners he has, and I'm thinking WHAT?? So yes, we are doing something right. You have great kids....and if you need someone to yell at them send them my way because I'm sure you've heard me scream up a storm....I really need to remember to shut the windows when I do that....he he:)

Yvonne said...

I believe we all do what we feel is right and what works for our children. We set boundaries that work and we are comfortable with.


Here Forward said...

OMG first of all, your children are beautiful. And from the looks of it, they are very active, curious, and full of life! You are doing a great job. I let my kids eat all the popsicles until they are gone, we walk to the market in town before 10:00 to buy candy and we eat it on the walk home. We often stay up late watching a movie instead of reading AND the other day while I was cooking dinner they were outside dumping wagon loads of WOODCHIPS and MULCH in the garage. We spent an hour cleaning it up...and it wasn't as soft as flour! Experiential learning...it's the best!

Tonya said...

I'll bet it would be fun to play in 5 pounds of flour. That's a memory you will never forget.

You are doing just fine. We are all out here just doing the best we can. If it works for you and your fammily then it has to be right.

Michelle said...

Too funny!

Amy H. said...

One of the many things I love about reading your blog are your stories about the things your kids do, and how you deal with it. I tend to get caught up in sweating the small stuff, and you remind me that sometimes things just do not matter, and that kids need to be kids! I love how you can laugh at the messes they make, etc. Your kids are obviously happy, amazing children. They are going to look back on their childhood with such happiness! I think you are awesome and you should not change a single thing about your parenting! I think all parents could learn a lesson or two from you. Do not ever doubt yourself!

steffenboysmom said...

You're doing a great job Corrine! Your list is really cute and sounds like me!

I have had plenty of messes and it's a good thing I wasn't blogging back then!

From one Mom to another, keep up the good work girl!

Kathy said...

Those shots !!! I am still laughing...they have made my morning... Embrace the days my friend...These are the precious ones, Your children are GEORGEOUS!!! xoxoKathy@ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Shannon said...

If you need Nanny 911, then so do I! Gavin dumped a whole bottle of baby powder out all over his bedroom and himself the other day. Don't you hate how they can climb and get to things they're not supposed to?!

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