September 14, 2009

I thrive on Change

or something like that. I guess more than anything some days I just want to be a bum, and don't want to do the same things over and over again. Some days I just don't want to do anything.

For example Saturday morning I just woke up and felt like "really do I have to do this all over again?" You know, laundry, dishes, wipe noses, feed little people, sweep, make beds, change diapers, fold, you get the point. I wanted to do something different yet at the same time just didn't want to do ANYTHING at all. And I was attempting to do nothing, well besides take the kids to dinosaur park. Which I might add was a big adventure, I didn't know that the boys and girls clubs got to get in free this weekend with their t-shirts on...so it was rather busy. But again that is beside the point.

The kids and I decided to get some junk food, cuz I was kind of in that mood, ice cream and chips and cheese,...ohhhh that sounds good right now....but my foot is elevated and I am not starving probably just bored. So we got the snacks and hit red box and came home to have a lazy evening in bed, with movies and treats.

For some reason Bee decided to sweep. To make a long story even longer, the broom handle hit a large 14x16 picture frame on the wall. I saw it teeter and totter, and told her to put the broom down, all the while I swept my body across the bed, to get the broom down, she turned and whacked the picture, sent it flying, frame fell off, the glass fell out and landed in my foot. Pain shot instantly through it. I just hoped it wasn't cut, but landing in it pretty much cut it open. I walked to the linen closet grabbed some band aids and baby wipes and sat back down on my bed.

After controlling the bleeding, I looked at the gaping would, could see some bony matter, and realized my toes were numb and most likely it needed to be seen by a doctor. I reached for my phone.....where the heck is it??? I had set it down on the bed not too long ago. And crap the home phone doesn't work, both next door neighbors are gone.....Oh yeah my neighbor friend across the street is around because her son is sick. So I send G-Man over there and get on what else, FACEBOOK in hopes someone is on. Though I didn't think to put my cell number or Eric's to have them call him. But by the time I post my status, Christy is over, and she confirms my need for medical attention. And gives my cell a buzz. When my butt started to vibrate I knew right where I left it. I'd lose my head if it wasn't attached, actually I lose my mind all the time....

Anyway so I get a hold of my friend Gina, which I am surprised I was able too since the second her husband answered the phone I lost it and started crying, not because I was in pain, just because I am a goober like that. She came and got me and we took the kids to her house, thanks Chad! Sorry Two pooped her pants!

So off to the urgent care center! The nurse took one look and said "Go to the ER." Ok off to the ER....By this time my shock turned to slap stick humor....I kind of get that way, can't stop talking and laughing. And fortunately Gina could laugh at my holy grail humor "its only a flesh wound I've had worse." "I think I will go for a walk now!" And she wasn't grossed out watching me make my laceration talk. Thanks Gina....and after what seemed like forever...only what four hours?? I was all stitched up and sent home to stay off my foot for 24 hours and keep it elevated for 3 days.....

Why is it when I am told to stay down I just have a really hard time doing so??? I mean Saturday that is all I wanted to do....and today, the crumbs on the kitchen floor are yelling at me to clean them up...I am ignoring them though.

My wonderful parents came yesterday to help out! Thanks and then today some wonderful friends Gina (thanks again) and Lynette are helping out with the little kiddos....and yet I lay here dying to clean up....really whats up with that?

Eric made the comment, after he lay down next to me and I asked him to sweep and change my sheets while I shower (I hadn't showered since last Wednesday, gross I know but no hot water! and I showered in cold water for a year and a half in Brazil and have no desire to do that again) so anyway he said "you know when I am sick I just lay in bed (like he needed to tell me that one) and just get better, and you..." I interrupted "Lay in bed and bark orders of things that need to get done, or get up and start doing them and not rest.?"


"that is why I never get better or take a lot longer. Because I don't know how to rest. "

"Well you should."

"I know but you should do the things I see that need to be done."

Too bad the phone rang and ended that conversation, because see the floor still needs to be swept...and my sheets are still dirty. Probably has something to do with eating yummy chocolate chip cookies in bed yesterday, thanks Christy, and those chips and cheese on Saturday.

But I will relax. I wanted change, I wanted to do nothing and be a bum! I got my wish right? Ok off to be a bum!


sarah and jeremy said...

Holy Crap! Of coarse I had to be gone when all that happened....sheesh, you have been one busy lady. I'm home now, and of coarse I would love to help you out, so if you need me to sweep the crumbs, or get you more treats, let me know....sorry, that sucks!

He & Me + 3 said...

That is crazy. I think you got some kindof change...not sure if it was what you were after, but you got it. Hope your foot feels better.

Yvonne said...

I'm so sorry. I responded to your comment about not knowing where the phone was and then we headed out for a wedding reception.

Ignore the crumbs and whatever else and take care of yourself.

Janine said...

sheesh! You seem to really be having a rough time. Good thing you have some wonderful people to help take care of you! I hope you get better soon.

Michelle said...

Yikes! Sorry about your foot that sounds like quite the disaster.

.:Anna:. said...

Oh holy crap that sucks. What are the chances of the glass falling right on your foot??

Ah... don't feel like too much of a loser. The government invented medicare, welfare, medicaid to help people who needed a leg up.
Use it to get that leg up and then get a go!

People who are on it for a LONG time and abuse the system are the losers.. like the ones in public housing avoiding jobs to get food stamps so they can afford pot... THEY'RE the real losers

Shannon said...

Oh my gosh Corrine! So sorry this accident happened. Hope you're feeling better by now.

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