September 01, 2009

Why a Mother Can NEVER be SiCK!!

I have not been feeling well the last few days, actually some of the sicker I have felt in a long time. Some moments I think maybe I should head to the doctor but then I realize how the heck will I get there. But then again, I just can't afford to be sick anymore.

However, I have stayed in bed most of the day other than to put out fires, fortunately no real fires but I wouldn't put it past Two and T-Rex to set the house on fire. Those little turkeys!! They are quite the duo.

Yesterday as I lay in bed, but for a brief moment because I was switching out loads of laundry, when I heard a loud noise down stairs. I didn't even dare go look. A few minutes later Two came up with the biggest smile on her face. I am talking BIG!

I asked her "what happened down stairs?"

"Me and T made a big mess. We knocked the books off the shelf, dumped all the toy buckets, empty out G-Man's legos, and tipped over the doll house. Its a big mess. Want to see?" In the proudest of voices she told me this....really should one be proud of this?? I don't think so.

Well I took her invitation and followed her down those stairs as she gave me a tour of her mess. The toys covered the floor like a winter quilt on a bed, you wouldn't know there was carpet down there! Could two small children possibly make such a mess? Are you sure it wasn't a tornado??

After getting after it, I told her she needed to clean up, I know a job insurmountable for a mom let alone a four year old, but I told her. She looked up at me and said "No Greg will do it when he comes home." I was too tired to argue with her, and too tired to help. So yes the basement is flooded in toddler mess.

To add to the mess downstairs G-Man decided to add the wretched smells of puke, of which landed smack on the floor, the only open floor space in his room. Thank you much. T-Rex brought some up with him all over his foot and PJ's this morning. Can I just tell you cleaning up that stuff is hard but even harder when you are already so sick to your stomach.

As G and I laid in bed today watching his shows, Two and T-Rex were left to fend their own. Well lets just say Two sure can keep him busy.

They decided they needed to take a shower. Not a bad thing, but Two ran in and slammed the door shut and locked it. In a modern house this is ok, but in our 1922 house, we have a dead bolt on the inside of the bathroom door with no way to unlock from the outside. After trying to talk her through opening the door, I went and sat on the bed for a minute, yes I posted a facebook status, and thought about going to the outside window. Thoughts of calling 911 entered my mind, as the kids had turned the tub on, and we know how dangerous that can be. So I went outside and put a ladder to the window. Emily stood on the edge of the tub smiling at me, "Hi Mom."

After trying to tell her again how to unlock the door, I had G bring me a screwdriver and plied open the window that had been painted shut. I got it about an inch or two open and just couldn't open it anymore. Just then I hear "Corrine, Corrine, You ok??"

Gina to the rescue. My friend stopped by with some juice, crackers, popsicles and can soup. She climbed the ladder and pried the window open, we shoved G through and he opened the door. Thanks so much Gina!

Oh you think the excitement would end there! How is a sick mother ever to get any rest??

After eating almost a whole box of popsicles, T-Rex went to the kitchen to get another, why has he learned to open the freezer and fridge???...I followed him but was stopped by slipping on the floor on a half eaten, half melted popsicle on the floor. UGHHH!!

Then I decide its time to just lock them all in my room, because T-Rex can't open these doors. So I do, and he brings crackers in with him. And before I can stop him, they become confetti all over my bed!! Thrown up in the air and then jumped on!!

So after cleaning that up we actually all fall asleep and nap. Yeah Rest!

Not for long, G wakes me up to remind me we have to pick up Bee from school. Oh yeah! I had no idea who to call so I pry myself out of bed and go get her.

Once we get home Bee entertains the younger two and I rest a little bit, but the door knocks, not a bad thing, a friend of Bee comes over to have her come play. Mixed emotions because she was entertaining the two while making some more messes but keeping them busy, I could always use her help, but know she needs to get out, especially after she came home and sprayed the whole house down because "it smells like throw up!" Which I am sure it did, does.

She left, and then the monsters hit the bathroom again. They filled the tub, dumped the handsoap in, two towels, a full roll of toilet paper and a roll of paper towels...ARGHHH you have got to be kidding me. So I grab the strainer and sit for about 30 minutes straining the toilet paper out of the tub. All the while I have told her she needs to go to her room.

Dad ends up coming home early to help out. Two walks up to him "I am suppose to be on my bed, but me didn't do anything wrong!" What a stinker. Now her dad is sitting in her room with her and here I type.

Now to get the Dad to help and clean up the mess, you know the dishes in the sink, the crumbs all over the floor, sheets to be folded....oh the messes that happen when mom is out.

Night! I need to rest!

So am I the only mother that can't rest, and if she does all falls apart??? Should I be keeping a better eye on them??? oh my!!


Yvonne said...

Oh my goodness--how in the world do you do it????

I hope you are feeling better. It's so hard when you don't feel well.


.:Anna:. said...

Oh my gosh that is nuts.. that is quite the day. .. .wow... I'm seriously rereading and wishing you the best!!

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Melissa said...

It is too true...there are no sick days for mothers. I hope no one else gets sick. The throw-up bug is the worst!

steffenboysmom said...

Yep, I agree. There should be a law!

Hope everything gets put back to normal for ya~

Michelle said...

Yikes that sounds like quite the day even if you were feeling well. I hope you get better soon!

Nancy Face said...

ARGH! You poor thing! Such crazy happenings, especially the bathroom stuff! :S

Is there ANY way to remove that bathroom dead bolt? :S

Adrienne said...

YIKES! I hope your feeling better!

sarah and jeremy said...

Thanks for the comment. I hope Trey does okay, I worry about him. Halo is going to the in-laws, so I hope she doesn't give them grief. BTW, I added you to my list:)

Angela said...

That is aweful! I know just how you feel. Well, not quite as much. My son can create quite a desaster when I am sick too.
We have ground in Desitin in the carpet from yesterday.

I do hope you all get feeling better.
It would be nice if children decided to be on their best when mommy is sick. I think most kids must know that is the time when they can get away with everything.

I guess just remember once you are feeling better things will be better.

This is one reason motherhood is hard.

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