August 31, 2009

Monday Mumblings: Modern Technology

T-Rex is asleep on the floor, he pulled a pillow off my bed and made himself a little napping spot. I think he is exhausted. And so am I for that matter, but unlike him I can't seem to turn my mind off to the world around me.

Two is curled up next to me watching Dora on tv via our DVD player. I am laying in my bed, not feeling well, haven't felt well for a few days. Who knows sometimes I feel like I haven't felt well FOREVER, but really I didn't or don't remember feeling sick this summer, other than the day after the fourth where I slept all Sunday but that was exhaustion. Anyway Eric so kindly commented that I am a hypocondriact....so nice to have loving and kind support from your spouse. I am not a hypocondriact (so I can't spell that word)....I don't know what is making me sick, could be the tumor on my uterus, could be the ulcer, but my abdomen is not my friend lately.

And you know modern technology should be able to help me figure it out, and yes they located the above mentioned things in my abdomen, but there they sit...and lately it doesn't feel like they are sitting, its more like they are doing somersaults and flips, and its not a cute little baby I will get to hold.

Maybe I should find a doctor around here, but since we have become medicaid patients people are not willing to see us, nor are they taking new patients. And our government wants to take over health care! It scares me. Our wonderful health care will go to pot. However on the other side, being one with out private insurance at the time, I am very appreciative of the program, but now understand why our ERs are full, because no private doctor will see us. Can't they come up with a system of paying small businesses, or employers of hourly employees, money towards private insurance? Giving all employed people access to insurance but not government run?

Anyway so not what I was planning to blog on. But guess its on my mind!

I am just grateful for so many wonderful modern technologies.....

My computer, I love to type and write and with this I can do so with out white out to correct all my miss spellings!

The Internet, allowing me access to the world around me. I mean I recently was able to meet someone from Canada, that with out blogging and Internet I would have never met and gotten to know! It is just amazing, and Facebook?? I love that place, and being able to catch up with people that I haven't even seen since fifth grade, it truly is amazing.

Washing machines....with kids throwing up in the night, wetting their beds and throwing up again, it is so nice to be able to throw those stinky things into the machine and let it do the work. Now to come up with an automatic folding machine and I would be set.

Texting, ok maybe I am grateful for to many things that allow me to be social with out being social. I love to text. So much easier than calling on the phone, I can send a message while using the bathroom, not that I would, or in the middle of screaming kids, and no one knows...well I guess now you do. I can mass invite people to do something with out talking to five different people, saving time for me to um....I don't know fold laundry, or surf facebook and see what y'all are doing.

I love modern technology. I love Dvds so my kids can, when they want and that is not very often as those who watch them know, watch a favorite show.

I love living in the time we live in. Did I mention I love having a car? That is the best, because we can literally go any where we want, well not really with gas prices now, but you can live "far" away and still be close enough to get there shortly. Very cool.

Ok off to nap!


Yvonne said...

So sorry you are not feeling well. And I'm sorry about the no insurance. I get upset that Americans do not have health insurance. I know everyone makes fun of the Canadian system, but...

I think technology is wonderful, too. So grateful for it.

Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

Hope you feel better soon! I hope the kids had a fun time.

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Tonia said...

I agree with you on the healthcare. I think that something should be done so that COBRA is more affordable and it is easier for small businesses to offer affordable healthcare. I do not like nationalized health care. There has got to be another solution out there.

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