August 15, 2009

Roller Skater

This morning I was talking to my mom on the phone, and she mentioned that my brother was in town again. He came by the restaurant yesterday after going with some clients to get their new contracted house inspected. So I called him, well actually texted him because well I don't really like to talk on the phone much. Anyway, unfortunately he didn't drive his own car, he came up with his clients and was unable to visit us.
However to encourage my kids to clean up their mess I told them Uncle D was coming by this morning. (they did a little cleaning and well my parents ended up showing up...GREAT to see you! feel like we moved back to Texas or something....)
Bee has a tendency to all of a sudden need a nap or a drink when asked to help around. She hopped on my bed, yes I was dicating cleaning orders from under my sheets... looked at me and said "Is Uncle D still a roller skate gent?"
"I am sorry is he a what?"
"A roller skate gent...you know sells houses?"
"Oh yes he is a realtor."
It just made me laugh. Reminds me of my childhood and how I misunderstood sayings or rather said them wrong.
For example:
I always thought (and I am talking just figured it out not too long ago when I read it in a book) that the saying went "better than life spread" did not know it was "better than sliced bread"....I mean really there are a lot of better things than sliced bread like spreading life!? :)
And I'd say For Heaven Bids instead of Heaven Forbids .... I could go on but I might just embarrass myself...but anyway the Roller Skate Gent made me laugh!!
And by the way don't ask me to sing you a song because I mess up the words all the time because I hear something totally different. Or my mind turns the words around and something totally messed up comes out. I will read lyrics and think man how the heck did I miss that....well looks like I passed that great mental twisting on.
Uncle D,,,,keep skating on!


Yvonne said...

That is too funny.

I remember we always called the man who raised us Grandpa Les. Kyle thought because he wasn't "really" their grandpa it was Grandpa less--and never realized his name was "Les".

Michelle said...

Too funny! I love the roller skate gents. Kids are cute!

Sheri said...

So funny! I love it when my kids come up with stuff like that especially when they are singing songs! Or they really know the word and just mispronounce it!

Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

So adorable, I love it when they say funny stuff like that!

JustRandi said...

Oh Corrine, those are priceless!!
But the roller skate gent takes the cake!

Becky said...

lol. I remember doing stuff like that just to make my mom laugh..haha.


But yeah,, that's so adorable. :)

Anonymous said...

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