November 12, 2008

Site down due to Visitors

I know you have been popping in wondering when I am going to start posting my consistently funny an entertaining posts, but due to visitors and a big fat nasty computer virus, thank heavens everyone has been healthy and no human viruses, I haven't been able to get on the computer.

I have hijacked Eric's for a little bit just to say "Hi" and let you know that again I haven't been swept away in the tides, or drowned in self pity.

However I have been informed by Bee, who was staring at me while I was dressing on Sunday, that my breast are saggy and baggy and look like mashed potatoes. You may recall an earlier similar incident with her.

Also having two extra kids in the house, has made having four of my own seem so easy. We love having our cousins here, and they are so gosh darn cute, but six kids in 1400 square feet and a no back yard can cause a lot of noise.

So off we go to venture the great Hawaiian Outdoors.

And yeah in three weeks we will be back in Austin, so get ready to party all Y'all!

Be back soon with some fun pics...


Yvonne said...

Aren't kids too funny ; )

Sorry about the virus. Enjoy beautiful Hawaii.

katharine said...

see you then :)

hjackson said...

I'm sad you're not coming to Yewtah! :...(

Jess said...

enjoy your time in Hawaii! geez.. i'm jealous! i wish i was there.

btw. whats your email for blogger? I want to add you to my reader list. I am making my profile private now!

you can e-mail me at jk1261@gmail.com if my profile is private before you get this! thanks! :)

Tonya said...

Have fun. Catch you on the flip side.

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