January 22, 2008

"Do your boobs hang low?" (sung) to the tune of "do your ears hang low"

I was taking a shower, enjoying the warm water on this cold morning, when Bethany's head pops in. I start chatting with her as I am rinsing shampoo out of my hair. Then she asks "Mom why do your boobs hang down?" (the thoughts come flooding, 4 kids, 4 nursed babies, weight gain, weight loss, weight gain...age...genetics, gravity you name it. All of which was beyond a 5 year olds understanding)

"Do you like them to hang down like that (she points with her little pointer fingers to the ground.)?" "Um, no not really." I tell her. Though I am not sure I want her to think big saggy boobs are not beautiful.

"Do you like them better when they are like this (taking her little fingers and pointing them up and out at the top of her chest.)? I think I do."

What can a mother say? The only thing I could, "I'd love for them to point up like that, that is why I wear a bra. " I was going to go on about how one day when we have lots of money and I fit back in a size 6 jean, I will pay someone to make them like that but didn't figure it was the time or place, plus she was on to the subject of going to the library.


JustRandi said...

Kids are so funny, aren't they? What a conversation!

sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

leaf blower? to hold them up? ah, sweet little one moment. never know what they will say next. take care, k

Hansel said...

I just laughed out loud, thanks, a mom needs that sometimes. I remember asking my mom why her bum was so big once. I cringe to think of what my kids will say to me someday. Things like, why is your tummy so wrinkly? What are those purple lines on your legs?

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