January 18, 2008

A Day in the Life of Me!

Last night after our fun dinner experience, Eric took Gregory and Emily to Gregory's basketball practice, only 15 minutes late! Bethany, Timmy and I headed to Toys R Us to spend some of her birthday money. Bethany didn't have a ton of money to spend, so we talked about how she could pick out anything she wanted but we had to make sure it wasn't more than her money she had. She said "thats fine we just have to go to the girl aisle and find something with those numbers." When we walked through the door she took a b-line to the girl's section. I think her hands fell upon everything there, until she finally picked a Polly Pocket art supply kit, went on and off the shelf several times before she decided on it.

Well I wanted to look at the clothes that were on sale. So while we were looking through, she said she wanted to get clothes instead, and that she had to try them on in the dressing room. She pulled some items off the shelf, many things getting no's from not only me but her. She found a really cute swim suit. She tried that on and looked in the mirror and said "mom don't I just look so cute in this." I agreed. Then as we were walking to the register she saw a gymnastic leotard outfit with princesses on it. So she put the swim suit back and took the leotard with assurance that her dad will get her gymnastic lessons. We are working on that one.

We got home after 8. And laying before me were the piles of fabric that I had started to cut to make really cute party bags/purses for Bethany's party tonight. I had 15 to make, and had made one, a test one that we gave for Bethany for her scriptures. The night was looking like it was going to be a long one.

There was/ is a huge pile of laundry in our room, one that has overtaken our lives, forming its own life, ready to swallow the next poor person to enter the room. I am seriously afraid my kids might get lost in there. So as I am trying to sew these purses with out cursing too much, one for the thread always coming out and two for me taking on such a project when the last two weeks, I haven't had time to really sit down and do them, anyway I hand Eric a bucket of laundry and ask him to fold it. I figured if he folded it today I could get to it. I finished one purse and he said he was done folding the bucket of clothes. He went as far as to tell Gregory to becareful not to knock the bucket down because the clothes were nice and folded.

I sat and tried sewing while the kids were running around well past their bed times driving me crazy. Eric wakes up from his little slumber on the bed, pretending to fold clothes must have worn him out, and takes the kids to their rooms to read them stories and put them to bed. They all were asleep pretty quick, I mean all, including Eric. I woke Eric up to help me cut some more fabric for the purses. He did, and then went to sleep.

Its approaching 10 by now and I am not making much headway on the purses so I decided to shut down shop and finish the other half in the morning. Because I can't go to bed with out checking my email I came out to the computer, and crying begins. Bethany for some reason couldn't sleep and was crying. I made her go get in our bed, so I could get her asleep and put her in her bed in awhile.

As soon as I move her to the floor, fall asleep little Timmy wakes up screaming. So I feed him and put him to bed. No sooner than I am asleep dreaming about driving too fast and rear ending people, Emily comes screaming into our room. After about an hour of her crying and kicking me, I put her in her crib. Then back to sleep for me. Then Timmy wakes up at 4:45 am and I feed him, and am unable to go back to sleep because of all that I have before me for the new day. I begin to sew purses...and 10:30 I finish all 16. Does anybody need a purse??

Well I decide to tackle the mountain of laundry by putting away the bucket of clothes Eric had so nicely folded last night. But what do I find, only the top few items are folded! Busted!! The twirp! I couldn't believe he did that to me.

The kids and I cleaned up to the best of our abilities and then headed to the store. Why would one be crazy enough to head out in the rain, 38 degree weather, with four young kids? I don't know! Plus none of my kids were dressed appropriately for this type of weather or going out. Bethany was sporting some old navy long john pjs with her leotard on top. Emily had a dress on and her jacket, poor legs were freezing. Timmy was bundled fairly well. Gregory was wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

When I got to the store, the kids actually stood by my side behaving fairly well, helping me get items and didn't ask for anything other than the special k with strawberries, could be worse items to ask for. I was thinking to myself they are so good, then Gregory started this moaning screaming noise thing. He sounded like someone who doesn't have control of their vocal cords, or possibly a child with terrets syndrome. I told him he needed to stop doing it. He just seemed to get more and more wound up and pretty soon everyone was staring at this poor kid with special needs.

Once we made it to the cash register, he was flicking rubber bands and spinning the bagging thing, opening and shutting the soda fridge, and making those noises. Then he ran to get on the quarter operated cars. I just looked at him, as I walked out the door, and said "Have fun here, I will come back to get you tomorrow" and I walked out the door. The greeter was laughing. I think he thought I was kidding. But I was ready to leave him there.

But over all it was ok, you know just a fun family trip to the store.

We are home and I need to make a cake, clean the kitchen and really need to finish the laundry! Where does the time go!

Sorry this is ow so boring....

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sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

awh corrine you made me giggle. terrets boy cracked me up but sorry but i understand. you dreaming about rear ending people made me laugh out loud. and bethany saying don't i look so cute was soooo adorable.

you are too cute to read. great day hon :)

ps. i posted weird photo today. come see ME.

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