January 10, 2008

7 things I have done that have proved others wrong :)

1. I sucked my thumb until around 8, when my grandfather told me it was going to fall off if I sucked it any longer. That worked better than those nasty thumb paints. My thumb never did fall off and I never had to have braces because of sucking my thumb.

2. I wore a body cast for three months and leg braces for six months. The doctor's thought I might not be able to have children because of all they did, and boy were they wrong! They also weren't sure about my ability to do sports and I beat a 20 year record in the 100 yard dash!

3. Je m'appelle Corrine. I took french from 7th grade until my junior year of college. I over all took french 1 about 5 years....Fr. 1 in 7th and 8th...then repeated it in 9th....then after taking up to Fr 3 in high school, I took French 101 in college :) By the time I was getting ready for my mission my French teacher said to me " I hope you go English speaking because I know how hard it is for you to speak a foreign language." I got called to be a missionary in Brazil and I speak Portuguese!

4. I got married at the ripe old age of 25, all my friends in high school, well not all but some, teased me and said I would be married by 19! Ha!

5. I used to be very patient. I am not so patient anymore. They call me the nice sister, and I am not sure about that. Just to share an example, my older sister put me on speaker phone the other day while I was getting after my kids, so that her husband could hear "the nice sister" being not so nice. They both were laughing at me.

6. Sophmore year of high school I was the class secretary. I ran against some popular fellow which no one thought I'd be able to beat! I felt wonderful that day when my name announced over the loud speaker.

7. I was a witness to a murder and had to testify in court. I wasn't scared, I thought the whole thing was exciting, like watching Matlock on TV. After it all happened, before the court trial which took 4 years to happen, I was told I shouldn't go back to BYU Hawaii because of my safety, well I listened this time and didn't go against their advise!


Yvonne said...

Wow! Those are some great facts. I have to laugh about learning French and then going to Brazil on your mission. I love the "nice sister" comment. My daughter, Heidi, is 24 and not married and she thinks she is definitely going to be an old maid!!!

Thanks for sharing.

sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

cool corrine,
these were neat to read about you. i got a kick out of it also how they speaker phoned ya :) ha, you're normal :) kathleen

katharine said...

fun to learn so many new things about you from your blog. you wouldn't know we see each other almost every week, but do we really know anything about each other? why do people just float by each other like that?

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