January 27, 2008

My Interview

1) tell me about one of your favorite moments before marriage/kids. tell me about one of your favorite moments since marriage/kids.

This is a really hard question- to pinpoint one favorite moment...I think I will pinpoint one of my favorite times-Sunday dinners growing up around my house, were more than a pot roast and potatoes, we would sit at the table for literally hours and just talk, play zilch ( mom kept six dice in her drawer.) When Eric and I were first dating he was amazed at how long we all sat at the dinner table and just talked, no more eating just chatting. We had many good laughs that way.

I also loved college and our late night frozen food aisle runs to get cheese sticks and chicken nuggets and french fries....sounds like what my kids always want to eat. But we would run to Food 4 Less, by the junk food and cook it and sit up and talk and eat it. It'd be 2 or 3 in the morning and we'd always regret it the next day and plan on going to bed by 10 but for some reason it was always 4 before we were hitting the sack. I also remember same room mates sitting by the piano and one of my talented piano playing roommates would play and we (mostly I) would make up songs and we'd just sing.

Since marriage, and this may sound rather trite, but its every day, I have a favorite moment, I think the most amazing moments were the births of each and every child.

And also I think my wedding day, the limo ride to the reception. Need I say more!

But even though I pretend I can't stand not getting enough sleep and hate those little feet in my head, my favorite thing is to wake up with my little brood all around me, they may not know by the way I usually react, I am not a very pleasant person when woken up several times a night, but I love that my kids love me and want to be near me, because I love them very much! And if it really bothered me I think I would have been locking my door at night so they couldn't join me.

2) what attracts you to another friend? and what do you like to do with your friends?

As you probably can tell I just enjoy sitting around and talking with my friends. I like to have people over and just hang out. I have always been good at being satisfied and content with little or no entertainment because I feel that I am pretty good at making it. As far as what attracts me to friends, that's harder....I think I am pretty good (use that word a lot) at being friends with anyone.

I have a five attempt rule though, that is if a friend doesn't reciprocate the friendship after my five attempts I give up and don't try to be a friend anymore. Not that I am rude or not nice to the person, at least I don't think I am but I just don't make an effort to be overly friendly and invite them to do stuff with me. I figure if they weren't interested in being my friend, its their loss and I need not try anymore. I like people who just call me randomly to say hi, and invite me to do stuff.

I often find myself as the party planning friend and I get tired of doing it. I go through waves, where I finally realize things aren't going to happen if I don't do anything so I will start planning things. And most likely people are doing things but with out me. And I am ok with that mostly, I'd just hope I am a good enough friend to be included. But I have always been the friend that invites and includes all my circles, I don't like to leave anyone out.

It is difficult also for me to have a "best friend" I have never liked using that term because I don't like to isolate myself to one person. I love all my friends and they all have different things to offer how can you have a favorite?

3) eric has taken the kids, all of them, even little T, on an outing and will be gone all day. what would you do with your corrine time?

Honestly, I 'd stay home and clean the house then climb in bed and read a book and drink a diet coke. Check my email, read some blogs, maybe make a few phone calls. Pretty simple. Though one day I'd like to go get my nails done, but if Eric had all the kids, I'd stay home like I said above. He is pretty good about doing that for a couple of hours every Saturday.

4) what are you passionate about lately?

hmmmmmmmmmm...... I think blogging :) I am also very much into making storybooks, memory books...and I am hopefully going to become passionate again about swimming and exercising.

5) what differences do you see in your life since you started
writing an online blog journal?

I feel like I have opened a creative side of me that I had hidden for a long time...my writing. I also am opening my eyes more to the fun little happy moments that happen each day. I am also making new friends and learning more and more how fun and normal everyone is and at the same time how unique we each are. I love reading friend's blogs because many times there are things I never knew about them that I don't think I'd ever know about them had I never read their blogs, not that they wouldn't tell me but that it never most likely would have come up.


Tonia said...

I never realized we had so much in common. Makes me wish we had lived closer in Austin and had hung out more. I love entertaining and just hanging out. And everytime I have a spare moment when Ben takes the kids I do just about the same thing...well switch out the Coke for a cup of tea or a Dr. Pepper!

katharine said...

so what's the deal? come on over all ready! as soon as you are healthy i guess.

Yvonne said...

That was a fun post--you always learn so much about a person when you read a post like that. Isn't it fun to have your kids around you in bed.

sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

good morning corrine,
thanks for doing the interview. this was so fun to hear more about you. i liked the little feet at you part while you try to sleep. i like how you place such an importance in people in your life.

you are really awesome and i have been enjoying reading your blog and notes ever since that first visit.

and if i lived there, i'd do the initiating, too, and invite you to do fun friend times, too.

good day hon,

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