January 11, 2008

I love my little kids!

I believe truly that each child comes with their own personalities. Parents help in grooming the children and directing them but they each are so unique. Sometimes children repeat what they hear but other times, it just comes out from no where. I had to share some of the few things that happened last night and today.

Gregory: This morning we are all sound asleep, in our own beds, well not really Emily's snuggling in between myself and Eric. Bethany is crashed out on our couch, which she turned into her own bed. Timmy asleep in the closet, darkest quietest place in the house. And Gregory asleep in his bed. The phone rings, stirring up the gang. With in a matter of seconds, I hear Gregory pounding his feet against the floor, running as fast as he can into our room, and jumping into our bed in about 5 seconds flat. Emily disturbed by this all starts to kick Greg. Then Bethany climbs in. Timmy hears the commotion and starts to bark from the closet. At this point, sweet old me is done with all the noise. I respond, for sure with the sweetest mother's morning voice, "Get out of my bed!" Gregory looks at me and says " We are just showing you how your parents felt. Do you think they liked having you in their bed? No, so that is why we are showing you the same respect that you did them.....Respect, what does that mean?" Eric and I just chuckle.

Emily: While sitting at the kitchen table this morning enjoying our scrambled eggs with ketchup, Emily and Bethany decide to open the mail that is on the table. While ripping open a piece of mail, Emily's hand knocks over her plate. Eggs, ketchup, fork and her bowl go flying to the floor, ketchup down. I hear Emily say..."Oh my "fuk, oh my fuk." I look at her..."What???" I promise not a word I use. "My fuk mommy, my fuk." She points to her fork on the ground. I thought she would have been upset about losing her eggs and ketchup but no she was upset about her fork hitting the ground. The mom I am I scoop up her eggs and put them in the bowl, hand her back her fork, and say "eat."

Timmy: Last night I went to a Relief Society board meeting leaving all four kids home with their dad. When I came home, I opened the door. I put down my purse and from the recliner chair I see Eric's legs and I hear a "hi." I think "what is Emily doing up." I walked closer and see Timmy's head peek over Eric shoulders. He bounced and squealed with excitement to see me. It made me feel so good. He knows me! And he likes me! For that brief moment it made me forget about the huge mess that was left to greet me.

Bethany: One would think is our silent creature, and she really isn't. She likes very much to make a lot of noise, usually a nice big fat tantrum about me using her bag of Reese's Peanut Butter cups to make cookies. Eric came home last night to Bethany screaming. Screaming that had been going on for about an hour at this point. We're talking poor cat dying screams, back arching fist tight screams. Sounds that earned her banishment to her room. All over a bag a candy she told me to make her cookies with...go figure.

She is sweet though and loves to hang out with me. She usually is reading books, playing with Timmy or holding a doll. Yesterday she was playing with Timmy on his play mat and pulled the head off of something. I looked at her and said "Bethany why did you pull his head off." Her nonchalant reply was "Cuz I can!"

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sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

ah this brought me lots of smiles to read this post corrine. and i laughed out loud when you yelled in your sweetest mommy voice, "get out of my bed!!"

you are cracking me up :)

so glad i popped over here from randi's bloggy the other day.

kathleen :)

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