January 19, 2008

Some Photos

Sorry All I have been overly talkative, and just writing way too much boring stuff! I think I am going to create another blog, called my boring thoughts. Anyway here are some pics:This is Bethany after her "make over" at her birthday party. We did a beauty parlor, with a nail salon, a facial area, hair salon and a jewelry making center. The girls all had fun. We even took before and after pictures in the portrait studio. We also enjoyed ice cream sundaes in the ice cream parlor. This is bethany with her pjs under her new gymnastic leotard. Cute girl! Mind you this is what she was wearing when we went to the store yesterday. The pj bottoms which you can't see are multi colored strips! :)
This is sweet little Timothy with a little bit of his rash left after having a 102+ fever this last week. Not fun having a sick baby.
All four of my sweet kids new years eve day at the arboretum. Not sure why this is underlined and blue...I must have hit something. Below is Emily after getting her hair curled and cut by me. Well I cut her hair a few days ago, not sure why I think I am a hairdresser, I need to stop cutting my girls hair, or at least go to school to learn how to do it. I need to run, she is playing musical tubs, she just got out of hers and jumped into mine. Never a dull moment around here.

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sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

corrine corrine corrine :)
you do not have a boring blog. knock off slamming yourself.

you have spunk and wit. and i enjoying reading your adventures and commentary. you keep cracking me up. plus, you have a pretty cool heart that comes through.

keep it up girlie :)

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