January 15, 2008

A Mayo Freewrite Prompt: So here is what I came up with!"

"It is 102 outside, I really don't want to drag all 4 kids into the car, over to the church for the ward picnic, its just too hot to be outside. My jello salad will never hold up to that type of heat." Corrine complained to her husband, as she was fighting Emily to get her sandals on.

"Honey Br. A went to a lot of trouble to plan this activity and we need to support him." Reassured her ever so right husband. "But why do we have to support everyone in all their activities", she murmured to herself, as she looked around her air conditioned home thinking about all she could be doing inside today. Seems like other activities always take precedence to the things that need to be done at home.

Being the supportive wife and ward member, Corrine yells to her kids to get in the car. "1...2....3. ...so help me if you don't get in there, we are not going to go!" This is more of an ultimatum for herself than the children. The kids make a mad dash to the car. "Buckle up. I didn't hear a click." Once everyone is in their seats, did it really take 10 minutes? Corrine remembers she forgot her raspberry pretzel jello dish. As she quickly apologizes to her already frustrated husband because they are already going to be a minute early and not ten, she runs inside, pulls her 9x13 out of the fridge, and heads for the door. But before she walks out the front door she notices a few more toys on the ground so she quickly picks them up, puts them away, and then out the door. "Crap." She turns around, grabs the salad off the coffee table. With sweat dripping down her head, she climbs in the car and looks to her husband, "ready."

Many people are gathered around the tables, some families are getting out of their cars, and heading to the picnic tables as they finally arrive. When what does Corrine see? Sister P. already seated on the picnic benches. Set before her, her famous deviled eggs. The realization of how the family is going to end up in the ER after this potluck quickly becomes a fact because heavens knows how long those eggs have been sitting out in the heat, let alone how many days in advance she made them. And everyone knows mayo, eggs (the main indgredient in mayo) do not hold up well to non refrigeration. "Kids, kids...no eating the eggs ok?" Corrine says as she pushes Timmy in the stroller, holding Emily's hand, well dragging her by her wrist is more like it, crossing the parking lot.

"Hello Sister S" greets Sister P., "I made my famous deviled eggs. You and your family will have to have some." What is one to say, what is one to do. "Hopefully there will be some left when we go through the line." Corrine lies through her teeth, though kind of hoping there are some left, kind of a sick twist of fate.

The prayer is said, and Corrine is pretty assured that people, while other's had their eyes shut during the prayer, standing reverently, slowly started for the line. Because as soon as the words amen were uttered, Corrine opened her eyes to see a mile long line for the food. 'Well at least they will all get food poisoning. But there is no way I am going to end up with some firm jello salad.' Corrine thought as she watched the hoards of starving people standing in line, looking in front of them and behind them thinking there is not going to be enough food.

By the time Corrine gets in line for sure there will be no more mayo filled eggs left for her to get food poisoning from, though she really does love a good deviled egg. With the sweltering heat, even the salads, not just green but tuna and potato other mayo filled treats, are sweating. Heat, crowds and hunger are not a good match for Corrine. At this point, after standing in line, Timmy screaming, Gregory running around with his friends, Bethany holding on to her mom's leg from fear of someone talking to her, and Emily reaching up to Corrine wanting to be held, Corrine is ready to just leave. But its finally her turn. She is hungry and even over heated eggs, sound appealing, and with the empty dishes that lay before her, there aren't many choices. 'Can't people just take a little and not fill their plates so full? No one here is starving. And next time how about bringing more than six cookies as your dish to share.' Corrine stops her thoughts and
just begins to dish her plates.

The life altering decision unfurls, does she eat the eggs and risk the chance of ending up in the hospital or dead for that matter, or forgo one of her favorite treats knowing its for the better? What would you do? After all the food has been blessed right?


Yvonne said...

Oh my--You are so in my head!!!! I struggle with the "it's been blessed, hasn't it???"

Great post!

Kat's Ramblings said...

I forget the eggs, find something that won't send me to the hospital and pick something up from a drive-thru on the way home.

Cheryl Anne said...

LOL! Um, I think I forget the eggs. Its really not worth it, right? Hmm.. I will have to ponder that, but really, WHAT DID you do? I'm dying to know! Do you have a miracle story to follow up about how the blessed eggs never tasted so cold?

katharine said...

i wouldn't touch sister p's eggs with a 10-foot pole, i am sure i could find some cheerios in the kids' carseats that i'd rather eat! (and by the way, i am sister p too, and i'm so glad i've never brought deviled eggs to a church outing - so i know you aren't writing about me)!

sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

ah corrine, i had fun reading this. i really felt like i was at your ward picnic.

i would so eat the deviled eggs, at least one or two. i love me a good deviled egg!

and you made me giggle aloud about your one minute early not ten minutes early comment. love it. so true!

great day,

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