January 05, 2008

Teenage years....ramblings for the most part. READERS BEWARE!

Last night Eric et al, were invited to a young girl's sixteenth birthday party. We thank them for the personal invitation, flattering actually, because my sixteenth birthday did not have the crazy church family with four young kids showing up. It was a fun surprise party thrown by Maren Nelson, and I remember knocking on the door with Shannon Mitchell by my side, as a whole bunch of high school friends yelled "Surprise" as they opened the front entry and out of my mouth came the words..."You dorks.!" Yeah that's right the only thing I could think to say was you dorks.

I don't remember much of what we did, but I got one of those C. Moore Buns guys, the little plastic person you put in your back car window and it has a little pump you push and he B.As the people behind you. We quickly plastered the fellow in my mustard yellow 1974 Ford truck and piled in about 16 16 year olds into the back of the pickup....not sure where we were headed or what we were doing however I do remember slamming on the breaks for some reason, probably to avoid a run away cat and all my friends flying forward, being plastered up against the window smiling at C. Moore Buns! (See I am laughing now! achieving my new years goals!)

Anyway so at this little teen party, I just thought about how much I want to SCREAM to these young people that "it all doesn't matter!" and "just enjoy" and "don't get your panties in a wad over that!" But then again that would just take away the whole fun and pain of being a teenager wouldn't it?? What would be the fun of young pubescent- hood with out being mad at Susie for having a crush on the same Brian Smith that you are "so totally in love with!" I mean really 10 years from now Brian Smith is probably going to be still working at Burger King, smokin' pot and you are going to be married to some really smart handsome guy! Or at least glad you didn't end up dating him, and dude why were y'all fighting over the guy when he wasn't even interested in either one of you, he liked Jenny or was it Bill? What a waste of Junior year. Not that I am speaking from any personal experience...no really I am and names and actual jobs have been changed to protect their identities.

But really, there is such a bigger picture to life, than what we think and know at the innocent young teen years...really? Remember what was included in your big adolescent world? Some days I'd love to just go back and be caught up in those worries, you know like wondering if Robert really really likes me, or if I am going to pass that chemistry test, or what place am I going to take in Backstroke at regionals. Not that I am making light of those problems, because they were real and scary and caused me to not sleep at night, but after it is all said and done, I realize what the heck was the big deal? If there is any words of wisdom I could impart to my developing adult audience, because I know I have a huge following, it would be this:

1. Spend less time worrying about what others think. If you spent half the time worrying about what other's think of you, you'd realize they are worrying what you are thinking about them and not thinking about what you are doing. So participate in the silly games, dance by yourself in the middle of the dance floor--Heck they won't think your crazy they will think you have a whole lot of self confidence.

2. On another note to that, they are watching you not because they want to see what you are doing but watching to see if you are noticing them.

3. Have fun, really you are a teen and you are suppose to be having fun, and acting stupid, you get the "act stupid free card" because you are a teen.

4. Dating its over rated, there will be plenty of time for one on one relationships, spend time developing friendships, one they will last longer and you will be a better person because you will learn more from friends than singling yourself with one person. Go out with friends, mix company and all, but no need to get serious with one person.

5. Say your sorry, we all make mistakes, and half the time we don't even know we made a mistake or hurt someone's feelings for that matter. You know our hormones are so out of whack, well you think they are so out of whack wait until you have a baby talk about whacked out hormones....anyway we are moody and sometimes the wrong look can set us off, just be prepared to say.."I'm sorry"

6. Never fight over a guy/girl. If you and a friend are crushing on the same dude, let her have him, or just realize as in #4 it is over rated...have fun go TP the guys house, better story for your kids later on anyway. Eat some apples and put the cores in a brown bag on his doorstep, much nicer than dog poop.

7. Do well in school, study and learn, because "friends may come and go" but you will always have your brain and its not going anywhere, unless you do something stupid like lots of drugs.

8. Stay up late, make jello at 3 AM, and realize it won't set up for several hours, so find another snack and enjoy the jello for breakfast when you wake up at noon....oh to sleep in again.

9. Tell your parents you love them, and realize yes they are so totally right, they so do understand and they have so been there. Right now you think they are so imperfect but give it a couple years and realize how hard it is for them, and how they actually did a pretty darn good job.

10. Listen to your gut and not your friends, unless your friends are listening to their guts telling you not to do something. Regret and bad mistakes are totally hard to erase. We can choose our actions but you can't choose your consequences.

11 And last I realized last night that I so wish I could take away the pains of growing that y'all have to experience but I can't its part of life! Take it one day at a time, smile lots and realize these truly are suppose to be some of the best years of your lives, but it does totally get better, just different with different responsibilities.

Well that so wasn't what I was planning on writing about but hey it just came out so anyway, sorry for the lecture! But if it helps just one, I'd be happy to know.

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You ROCK!!
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