January 17, 2008

How to get a free meal!

Happy Birthday Bethany! We celebrated her birthday by having our family birthday pancake cake, and we added a side of sausage for Bethany our carnivore. She opened her gifts which she so gratefully thanked us all: a few books, shirts, scripture case/purse, chocolates and five carnations. The girls and I and Timmy hung out today and had lunch at the church with some friends. Then came the really fun part.

My sweet sister Alyson gave us a gift card to go to Chilli's for dinner. I thought well Thursday night is Gregory's basketball practice night and there is a Chilli's down the corner, we should go. I called Eric and told him to meet us there. Sounded like such a great idea, gather the family for dinner. Even though every time I take the kids out I ask myself why.

Well it took a little longer than planned to get the kids in the car, couldn't find shoes, and jackets. Don't forget the gift card, I couldn't find that anywhere and that was the whole reason we were going to Chilli's. Anyway after a few not so nice words uttered by me, as I tore apart the kitchen, Bethany remembered putting it away with the Christmas cards. So we found the certificate, and we all got in the car.

As I was driving to the restaurant, I decided to call my sister, well called the other sisters number and confused a poor babysitter. Once we are about there, I realized I took the wrong road so I had to back track. We make it to the restaurant and meet up with Eric. The place wasn't busy so we figured we could be out in 45 minutes to make it on time to Gregory's practice because we had arrived about 30 minutes later than we had planned. Blasted mind for not being able to remember where I put things anymore.

Takes a while for us to get a waiter, then to place an order. While we are sitting there, Timothy not happy to be sitting in his seat, starts really crying. I take him into my arms and he grabs my ice water, just filled, and dumps it all over me and my purse. I hand him to Eric and begin drying the table with the few napkins we had. Then I reach for my bag, and there is ice in every pocket. I had Heritage Makers books in my purse that got wet. So I took them out and propped them on the table to dry out.

The kids and I then begin to enjoy the chips and salsa, and I decide to give Timmy a chip, which he begins to gag and choke on. Great I am going to kill my son on his sisters birthday, but what was I thinking he has no teeth, and chips are hard, I guess I wasn't thinking. Then I decide to ask the waiter for a spoon to feed Tim his baby food. He brings me a soup spoon that doesn't fit into the bottle. So I go with my next option feeding Timmy with a straw.

I notice we have been waiting awhile, because the kids are getting fidgety. The waiter comes and says that it will be just a little bit longer and he apologizes for the wait. Bethany then spills her red slush on herself. We clean that up the best we can, it matches well with her queso spill as well.

The food finally comes. Turns out they dropped Eric's first plate on the floor so they had to remake his dinner, letting all of our food sit there and cool. I ordered a salad with the dressing on the side, the waiter handed me my plate apologizing because while he was walking out he spilled the side cup all over my salad. He said he could get me a new one but I was fine with it. They also apologized for Gregory's corn on the cob not being ready yet. Awhile later, they bring Gregory his corn, his eyes light up, he opens his mouth wide and attempts a huge bite, and screams "its frozen!" I tell him to quiet down, and didn't really believe him. Eric touched it, sure enough it was frozen.

When the manager walked by again, she had already been by to apologize and tell us a desert was on the house, she was so embarrassed when we told her the corn was frozen. She took it back and brought him a new ear. She told us she was going to take care of us.

So we finally all finish eating, well I was trying to finish up as the kids started moving around chairs. Emily was saying hi to people at tables near by. Timmy was screaming. They bring us our bill and only charging us half of what we owed, and less than our gift card. They felt so bad for us. And I wasn't really bothered by it all. Seemed like a pretty normal eating out experience for us.

Eric took Greg and Emily, I took Timmy and Bethany. As I was driving to Toys R Us for Bethany to pick out a birthday present, I remembered the HM books I left on the table. I called Eric to have him go back and get them. When he did the manager again apologized and gave him a $15 gift card to come back another time, and also asked how we made the books. He gave her my card and she said she was going to contact me.

The night didn't end up so bad.


Yvonne said...

I remember those days of going out to eat with little ones. You handle everything very well!!! (I'm impressed--and I'm so glad you wrote about it. Made me remember some "FUN" meals out)

I hope Bethany had a great birthday.

Aly Allred said...

Sorry the night didn't go as I had planned when I sent the gift card, but at least you got another free meal out of it!!! Bon Appetit!

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