January 12, 2008

To Delete or Not to Delete

I tormented my husband tonight about not reading my blog, was just teasing...well a little bit serious. So he could not sleep, and woke up and read my blog, the whole thing, I woke up mid reading and sat by him watching him chuckle here and there. Made me feel good that he found the humor from our lives and my writings. But as he read, and I finally re read many of my posts I had a huge urge to delete, rewrite, change all my blogs.

See when I write, I just freely let my mind communicate to my fingers, typing away just as fast as the thoughts hit the keyboard, some days slower than others. I don't like to re read, or edit or change much because mostly I feel this is my journal, and well I am just lazy. But now that I am awake and my mind is spinning, kind of like a little hamster on its running wheel, I want to change so many posts. I see so many little errors, ways to make a sentence more humorous or more dramatic. But then I realized hey I am just posting to share and remember.


Yvonne said...

I loved he end--"I am just posting to share and remember". Good for you. That's fun that your husband is reading your blog.

sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

i pretty much do what you do. i just write whatever i feel like, i rarely edit/fix, i just let myself brainstorm. cool. just let yourself free to be you girl.

okay, i'm outa here, but i really enjoyed reading you today corrine. you've got spunk!

blessings this day to your little family,
kathleen :) xoxo

katharine said...

eric can write what he wants on his blog :) i can't imagine what he wants you to delete??

JustRandi said...

I get the urge to go back and rewrite my posts too, but I try not to. I just try to learn and do it better the next time....

MarlaCharles said...

I always want to go back an edit my posts! It is a blogger illness I think!


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