January 15, 2008

Sweet Sweet Bethany

My sister in law LESLIE came to help me clean up some of my messes, ie organize some closets, pantries and cupboards on Monday. As Leslie was getting ready to leave, Bethany asked if she could spend the night. After Les and I spoke we decided it'd be ok and off they went. It is now Tuesday night and she is staying yet another night. I miss her! It is really quiet around here with out her, and we consider her the quiet one, maybe she is just the pot stirrer, but none the less Bethany we miss you!

Some things I love about Bethany:

1 She comes up and gives me kisses, rubs my cheeks and says "I love you mommy."

2 When it comes to words starting with ch or tr she can't say them. And if someone asks her what she said she will just kindly look at them and say "i have a hard time saying those kinds of words."

3 she is turning five this week and all she wants for her birthday is scriptures, so she can teach her dolls and friends about Jesus....such a strong spirit she has.

4 she told aunt leslie she wanted to spend the night again (they live in San Antonio, 1.5 hrs away) but that she'd have to run home to get a pull up. Leslie assured her she could get her a pull up and they didn't have to drive home.

5 I am just proud of Bethany, someone was laughing at her because she has to wear a pull up at night and she just looked at them and said "i just can't wake up at night to make it to the bathroom." so mature and so glad she isn't embarrassed by it.

6 she loves to plan parties and is always wanting to know who she can invite over and who can come play with her

7 she loves to eat eggs for breakfast and i get the fun chance to make them for her.

8 she is very pretty and the other day she said to me, as i was trying to get her out the door, "i can't leave yet i don't have my makeup on and i don't look pretty with out it." I turned to her and told her she was beautiful and didn't need makeup to look pretty. not sure where she learned that from because heaven's knows i always leave with out makeup and by gosh by golly i'm gorgeous! :)

9 she takes care of her brothers and sisters and is always willing to help me out, well almost always, always is a strong word. its amazing what counting can do.

10 she has the most amazing highlights in her hair and everywhere we go people ask if they are natural...Yes they are natural, if I had money to do highlights like that it wouldn't be on my 4 year old

11. She is fun and funny. She comes across shy, usually because she is holding my leg and won't smile at strangers or even people she knows sometimes, but then at home she just lets lose.

12. She is so observant, she is aware very much of what is going on around her and has an amazing memory. I will say something like "Sarah called me...." and Gregory will say who is that, and Bethany looks at him and says "thats faith's mom, you silly." Most of the time it will be something I had no idea she had any idea of.



Yvonne said...

What a sweet daughter!!! (And what a fun post--I'm sure she'll love reading it one day) I love that she wants to teach her dolls and friends about Jesus ; ) Enjoy her.

How fun for her to be able to go off and spend time with her aunt. I'm sure you'll love it when she's back home, though.

Aly Allred said...

Happy Happy Birthday sweet girl. Jack wishes he could be there to help celebrate such a special day. Enjoy your $5 and let me know what you get with us. We love you! Aly and gang

Aly Allred said...

I love #8...isn't that all of us sometimes...at least in our house. Aly

Mom2My6Kids said...

Corrine, Thanks for visiting my blog! I always like new friends! I love what you have written in you header. I often forget that. I get so busy feeling sorry about what I don't have that I forget how much I am truely blessed. Thanks for the reminder. I seriously can't stop thinking about that today! I needed to visit your blog today!

sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

awwh corrine,
i loved reading this post. you made me giggle at so many parts.

i love what she said about the scriptures for her creatures and people she meets. precious.

adorable how she said she just had to run home to get a pull up (hour and half away). awh.

i really enjoy your blog and you. i totally smile each time i visit. kathleen :) xoxo

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