January 07, 2008

Why I write with Crayons

Have you ever had a fleeting thought, need to make a grocery list, a quick idea or a phone call which requires you to quickly jot something down. You quickly reach in your pen drawer to pull out a pen and the only things you can find are a dried up pen (that you throw back into the drawer to become frustrated at a later date, much more fun than throwing it away), an unsharpened pencil or a half chewed on crayon? Since you have tried several swirls to get the pen to work, you don't have the time or a sharpener for that matter, to sharpen your lead, you go for the crayon. Then you try to write down on a piece of paper..another rare item to find, but luckily you can find bills and other junk mail lying around which make great substitutes. So with your back of the envelope and your crayon in hand you begin to take note. Problems with writing with wax wrapped in paper are it is broken down to about an inch, so holding it becomes a challenge and then the head is flat making fine print next to impossible leaving the note almost undecipherable. Then you place the "note" aside in a very special place to later pick up, open, realize you have just been pre-approved for a $10,000 loan with only 35% interest, so you rip the whole thing up, toss it in the trash, forgetting the very important message etched in crayon on the back. Thus leaving you with nothing but a chewed up crayon and a memo lost.

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Anonymous said...

Amen Sister!!!

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