January 31, 2008

Reasons Why I love being a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM)

1. I don't have to wake up to an alarm clock, no annoying buzzer, just the sweet sounds of young children. Only problem with this method of waking up is that I have found that by bopping them on the head it doesn't allow me a 7 minutes snooze.

2. I don't have to follow direction from anyone, unless you count "when I poop you must change me." or the "I am starving will you feed me." Or the "read me this book." or the "lets go to the park." or the "I want so and so to come over and play." or the "mom I don't have any clothes to wear, can you wash my jeans."

3. I can sit on the couch, eat bon bons and watch tv all day, though it's not usually bon bons, mostly cheerios, or whatever food item a child decided to bring in the family room and leave on the table. And as far as the TV goes, I don't get to watch soaps but I am sure learning a lot of Spanish from Dora "Aloha." And as far as all day goes, well, that seems to be a relative term, these days.

4. I can talk on the phone with anyone for as long as I want, as long as they don't mind the screaming or toilet flushing in the back ground.

5. Clothing is an option. One would think I don't have designer clothes or like clothes shopping, and you would be right, but with not leaving home most days who needs them. I prefer to wear my stained overly comfortable pjs! You know its a sad state of affairs when you try on 10 different outfits to just take your child to the pediatricians office, as if it were a first date or something.

6. I am able to stay up as late as I want, because I don't have to get up. And I'd stay up really late, if my eyes would just cooperate with me. But with kids coming in early in the morning it isn't the wisest of ideas.

7. I can take naps, as long as the stars are all aligned correctly, and each kid is sleeping so soundly in their beds. But typically as soon as my head hits the pillow, on those oh so rare days, someone starts to cry, or I smell something burning in the microwave.

8. I get to be a nurse too, I have always wanted to be a nurse, and think daily about going to school to do it, and I will, just the timing thing and three kids at home, anyway, daily I get to apply band aids to invisible wounds, apply ice to swelling lumps and kiss away tears.

9. I am a referee! I never knew I wanted this type of job, until I had kids. How fun is it to say "10 minute time out for rough housing." or "2 minute time out for head contact." I have been tempted to go buy a black and white striped shirt and a whistle and just blow it, look around and say in my most distinguished loud voice "Foul on #32" bring my hands out in some type of sign language, "sibling teasing, ten yard penalty."

10. There isn't anything else in the world I'd rather do than watch my children grow, and hopefully I am doing an ok job at it. We will see once I get the psych consults.


katharine said...

you are so funny. i sure can relate - especially about the 'dressing up' for the dr. office. i always try to dress the kids nice too, though they're usually stripped down to the underwear when the dr. sees them. i was pretty embarassed at our recent 4-year-old's check up to realize that although i dressed her really cute she had on holey underpants!

sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

hi corrine,
aw you made me giggle with the snooze bar comment and the referee comments. *giggle* see, still giggling.

you could also buy referee stripe PJs and you will be set!

adorable post!

you keep sounding like a great mama!

great day hon,

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