January 26, 2008

Flu Flu Whatcha gonna do!

When it rains it pours and over here its pouring down fevers, chills, running noses, running other things, crying kids, cranky mom, missing dad....where did he go this week?, coughs and nasty tasting food. You know when you are really sick when everything taste nasty! Gregory was in the kitchen pulling food out, taking bits of things and throwing it in the trash, during which he states "Everything thing taste nasty!" And it does!

The kids and I have pretty much hung out in my bed all week, well other than their brief moment of thinking it would be a lot of fun to clean out behind the couch. Which they did finally put back. Though someone needs to vacuum and since I am sick I am not doing it, which means it won't get done.

Speaking of things getting done I have got to go get my sheets into the drier so I can make my bed. Maybe we will all be healthier with clean fresh linens. Its worth a shot. I did Lysol spray down all the door knobs, drawer handles and bleached the bathrooms. Need a big bottle of bleach spray to hose down the kitchen. Too bad I'm not living in Brazil with my cement walls and cement floors, we literally would hose down the place, scrub it with comet and then hose it down. Great way to clean up.

Someday I am going to have an all stainless kitchen, I am not talking the trendy fridge and oven, I am talking counters and shelves, and table and flooring! And its going to be self cleaning (thanks Rachel A for the idea) where you can just close down a few doors and hit clean, and it will just spray down everything and be cleaned and sanitized. While I am at it I think all my bathrooms will be self cleaning as well, like those fancy port-a-potties. And while I am at it might as well rip up all carpeting and have hard surface flooring. Maybe make all my couches and stuff out of stone, like in the Flinestones, I could make cute pillows so that it wouldn't feel so uncomfortable. But then it would all be so much easier to keep clean and keep the germs away.

Ok well off to get some things cleaned....dude maybe I should lay off of the Nyquil for awhile.


sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

when are "they" going to come out with the self-cleaning house. just shut the door, come back 4 hours later, and viola!! wow, that would be cool!

sorry you all have the yuckies hon. if i lived there, i would so bring over some chicken noodle soup and a spoon to you.

blessings today,
kathleen xoxo

ps. come visit me. i have new stuff out for you :)

Yvonne said...

I like so grateful's idea--a self-cleaning house. I'd buy one!!!

We always thought a stainless steel kitchen with a drain in the middle of the floor would be nice.

Hope everyone is better soon.

Sheri said...

Forget the prelit Christmas tree... I am all for the self cleaning house! I wuld however settle for a self cleaning bathroom or kitchen! I am after all rather easy to please!!
Take care of yourself! See you soon!

katharine said...

or you could just get a good maid. that's what i was asking for earlier this week. and a gourmet cook and a personal trainer!

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