January 01, 2008

Musical Beds

Here is a new game to play with your family when you are bored or when you decide to take a mini 24 hour vacation to a hotel.

You need:
3-4 beds
3-8 people
12 hour period of time

Rules: He/she who sleeps in only one bed all night is the loser. The winner of the game will have slept in at least 3 of the beds.

Example of how to play:
While watching Back to the Future Marathons, or any Holiday marathon movie/tv show, pull out the hide a bed and let some of the players fall asleep. While thinking that you are so lucky to be able to sleep all night because two of the six players are asleep in bed, you put one of the players into a port of crib. The fourth player who has fallen asleep on the recliner chair, carefully put them in one of the double beds. Now time for the oldest two players to go to sleep. This game is best played when younger players go first. Well once the younger players are in their beds. Lights out and the oldest snuggle into their beds. Many times one might think the game will end here, but no that wouldn't be fun nor would it be a real game of musical beds. So lets suppose this all transpired by 8pm. Well around 10 pm is when the music begins and the changing of beds gets a little complicated. The youngest player begins to cry from their crib, and second oldest player feeds and calms him down. While doing so the second youngest player wakes up crying for mommy, while the oldest player, takes over the bed leaving no room for the second oldest. So second oldest player puts youngest player back in port a crib and cuddles with second younger player. Sleeping begins, but doesn't last long when oldest player gets up to use the restroom, setting off the music for player number 3 to leave the hide away joining player 1. Around 1 am, player number 4 joins player number 1 and number 3, waking player number 6. Number 2 puts number 6 in bed with her and player number 5. Calms him down, and puts him back in his bed. To find that player number 4 joined number 5. Number 2 goes to the hide a bed, falling asleep not long enough to be joined by number 4. Mean while number 1 has stayed in his orginal bed other than the trip to the potty. So then while player 2 is in the hide a bed, she is once again awoken by number six and finds number 1 in bed with number 3 still. After getting number 6 asleep number 2 decides to move number 3 back in with number 4, back to their original sleeping places. Number 2 climbs in with number 1 only to get kicked out because she startles him. She decides to curl up next to number 5.

Well as you can see number 2 is the winner of this game followed closely by number 6. Number 1 is the total loser of this game because he never left his original sleeping bed.

This is totally the best game to play when ringing in the new year. Instead of staying up late to ring in the new year, you can change beds almost every hour to make sure the new year truly has arrived.

1 comment:

katharine said...

i'd have to disagree. i think sleeping in one bed all night makes you a winner :) thats the challenge isn't it?

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