January 04, 2008

8 Things I see Happening in 2008

8: I will wake up at least one morning on my own, by myself, well with out someone else saying "WAKE UP MOMMMY!"

7: I will have someone stop by- with out notice- and my house will be clean, though the likelihood of someone showing up unannounced is not likely, I will have a clean house, when you decide to just pop in, just once I promise!

6: This year I am going to make a shopping list, a meal list and stick too it when I go shopping, not necessarily eating such and such on tuesday but having seven meals planned so I stay with in a budget and only buy what I need...and not give in to the small cries and whines from the shopping cart and my belly!

5: My kids will obey me! Not going into much detail because if you know my kids and my parenting skills it just might not happen unless I positively think it! I am a woosie when it comes to discipline and following through...Nanny 911 Come to my house!!

4: I am going to LOVE to run! I am going to just love it!! I love to run!! I will love to run! Who wants to run with me???

3: Eric and I are going to get away once a month on a date with no kids! I am so serious.

2. Fast food is a thing of the past....I love to eat out and now you know....and I am going to stop...four days and so far so good :) Not only will it save me some inches I will burn with all the RUNNING but will save our pocket book...excuse me while I answer the door for the pizza delivery guy.. Just kidding..though pizza does sound good..

1. Lots of Laughter! Those who know me....as if many read this, if any at all...but I love to laugh and used to laugh a lot...I want to see much more laughter happening in my life...life is too short to not have a good belly laugh and a snort each day!!

Happy New Year to You!!


Cheryl Anne said...

Corrine, I've had lots of fun checking in on your blog. :) I too am hoping to be better about planning meals to help our budget. Wishing you luck and hoping some of it will rub off. LOL!


katharine said...

you are super ambitious. i think it is practically impossible to have an eating goal and an exercise goal at the same time without giving up on BOTH. maybe that's just me. in fact, whenever i have a bunch of goals, i pretty much never do any of them. my goal was going to be 'don't get mad'. i think i may need a few hundred years of that one... laughing more sounds way more fun. i'll try it too :)

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