January 22, 2008

People always say I have a big heart

I have been told because of my sweet and generous personality that I have a big heart, little did all know how right they are. I went to the cardiologist today to get an update on my echo cardiogram and past check up post my scarlet fever/rheumatic fever scare this summer. Well I have a heart murmur as well as an enlarged upper chamber. Not sure what to say or do. Feeling a little concerned because he said that if we don't take care of this it will lead to heart failure, last time I checked heart failure is um death....don't know too many people walking around with out a beating heart. I was scolded for not taking my blood pressure meds like I should be, well basically not taking them cuz I stink at taking drugs, I rarely take a tyenol for a headache. There is a patch but because I am nursing I can't use it. Maybe I should quit nursing, maybe I should take my meds. He suggested losing a little weight, well I am working on that, sure wish it were as easy as it is said. Or I wish I could just dream myself thin.

The other concern that I have is my little sister was just diagnosed with Graves Disease, which this past summer, I had all the same symptoms she has. I had the same tsh level as well as the same problem of an enlarged thyroid filled with nodules. My doctor told me to get it rechecked in six months, hers is talking about taking it out ASAP because it will enlarge your heart and can lead to that once again term "heart failure" i.e. death....Anyway I am a little disenchanted with the medical field and wish I could find a doctor that I can sit down and talk to about all that is going on and give them suggestions of things to check. I know I didn't go to medical school but I have had my body for 33 years and know when things aren't right....oh well, I just am feeling a little glum, and bummed and at a loss for what to do... I swear if I got a breast reduction my world would be a little better, there has to be at least 20 lbs of weight on my chest and that has got to put a lot of pressure on my little well not so little heart.

Anyway enough of that serious stuff....


sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

i think there has to be at least 30 pounds in the bosoms :)

awh corrine. sorry for your news. hope you can find some peace in this and in this day.

i already knew you had a big heart, too, from what you have shared so far. said a prayer for you.

i am outa here now so i will catch you later. you are so kind, kathleen xoxo

Asia said...

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. you are a strong woman and I'm pleased to share words back and forth with you.

I read this post and am not sure what, if any, words would be of comfort to you. My husband's a nurse and I will discuss the problem with him. I guess what I want to say is that over here in Oregon there is a woman that you have never met that is praying for you and your dear family.

Jon and Christine Knecht said...

Heya Corrine! I didn't know that about you or Allison for that matter. I'm sorry to hear about your heart. i hate taking medicine too. I was thinking though, do you remember Brother Randall from the Barton Creek Ward? Have you thought about contacting him? I thought he was a cardiologist. If not, he might have some good recommendations. I would be worried too, but at least you have forewarning AND you know about Allison - so that makes you doubly warned! I just bought a new bra for the expansion during pregnancy...I must say, I hate these big things too. Thinking of you!

JustRandi said...

Hey Corrine-
I'm so sorry about your heart. Make sure and do what the Dr's say - though I agree it's not as easy as it sounds!

katharine said...

well, if breast-reduction isn't an option, i always recommend stress-reduction. i'm sure you can use that! time to give the meds a try, right?!

Corrine said...

Hello! I made the corrections to your layout for ya! Now all you have to do is change the link in the html code if you want a background. Thanks!


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