January 28, 2008

So I heard...

In no way am I making light of the passing of our dear Prophet, see below post, but hearing about his passing seemed to come with a little bit of his humor.

You all know how much I love my sleep, and how rare it is to come by these days. Well last night the kids were all asleep IN THEIR OWN BEDS before 8. Yeah for us!! I watched the final half of Extreme Home Make Over, always with tears of course. I was going to try to stay awake to watch the recorded Hallmark movie The Russell Girl...(did this morning don't think I have many tears left) but decided I should just join my group in the art of sleeping, that they seemed to have mastered (well last night for a brief moment anyway).

You know when you hit that point where you just fall into a deep sleep? Well I got there and was awoken by the last ring before the answering machine went off. I hear my brother in law explain that Pres. Hinkley has passed away. I wasn't saddened, I actually had a calm warm feeling over come me, and the thought "he is finally with his love." Though I can't mention his death today with out welling up tears, thought I had run out.

So I heard the news from Nelsen, via answering machine. My mind began wandering over all his teachings, how he just always encouraged us to be better! How his love for the Savior and all shined through his eyes. And how he could give a spiritual lecture and still make you laugh. I began to doze off again, when the phone began to yell! The ringer was so loud. (I have a phone with 50 different rings so I went through and changed everyone's number to a different ringer not that I remember who has what ringer) Anyway Eric jumps out of bed, grabs the phone. I hear him responding quietly. It was his dad. He hangs up and I say "so did he call to tell us President Hinkley passed away?" Eric looked at me like I was a mind reader. But before we could finish that conversation the phone was beeping again. This time it was my mom to let us know. We told her thanks and curled back into bed.

Finally we can sleep, no one else should be calling us. Well once again 30 minutes later, we are both awoken by the phone. This time it is a call from church. Eric speaks to her briefly and hangs up the phone. I asked who it was, he told me. I was surprised she called us. But she called to ask me if she thought it would be appropriate to call other ladies from the church to let them know but she realized when she heard Eric's tired voice that maybe in the morning would be a better time. Eric explained that there are some things that are important but not urgent. This was one of those things that was important to know but not an urgency. She thanked him and hung up the phone. We turned off the ringer and went to sleep.

Timmy slept until 4 am. After I fed him and couldn't go back to sleep, I looked at Eric and said "who should we call to let them know Pres. Hinkley passed away." He just laughed.


katharine said...

thanks for not calling me :) i had the same initial reaction as you. i suppose many of us will be in that boat someday, single again in our later years, missing our spouse. i had never given it much thought before watching President Hinckley go through it (maybe that's because of my age)-- anyway, i am sure he had a great reception on the other side, and i can just picture the happy couple in their reunion :)

sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

hi corrine,
i'm not sad either. he died doing what he loved. he was an awesome inspiration to me and others. kathleen

Marci said...

It is going to be so sad to not see him on the stand in general conference. He has always been there!
You should have called me..... Next time your up at strange hours, call me!

Yvonne said...

Those calls late at night are not fun. Loved how your husband handled it ; )

JustRandi said...

FUNNY! I think you should've called back everyone who called you.
"Hey, I think I was dreaming... did you call me last night?"

Cheryl Anne said...

Interesting that so many of us felt the same calm feeling. No doubt he will be missed.

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