November 22, 2008

My sister's visit

My little sister Aly and her family came to visit us for 12 days. It was a lot of fun. I love showing people around the island and taking them to my favorite places. I especially like spending time with my sister. If my memory were better I could tell you everything we did, but one who wants to hear all that and two....I can't remember so I will list some of the places we went and then of course show you some pictures. Though do to a punch spill in the car, my second camera (eric's camera) went out of commission. We went one day to take family pictures and my old camera that spent some time in the toilet was resurrected :)...
Ok so some of the things we did:

-saw the dolphins at Kahala Beach
-went to the zoo
-went to the Bishops museum
-swam and swam in the pool
-went to Baby Makapu'u (twice once during the day with a bunch of other people and then once in the evening great time to go.

-took pictures and saw the dolphins

-hit the dole plantation for some dole whip and train ride.

-did the Polynesian Cultural Center and saw all the villages in a monsoon.

-hiked up to the top of Makapu'u (twice with kids in strollers)

-walked to Koko nuts
-saw the fireworks downtown and picniced with Zippys
-and just hung out and enjoyed our cousins

G-Man and Bee cried when they pulled out and left. They didn't understand why they had to leave and couldn't stay with us forever. My little nephew kept saying "can we stay forever?" I don't blame him it is fun to have them around and its fun to be with us :)

And who wants to leave Hawaii where you can swim, and when it drops to 60 you think it is freezing: G-Man just took the trash out and said "Man Dad I know why you didn't want to take the trash out, it sure is chilly out. No actually its freezing."

I asked "Is it really freezing?"

"No but very windy and chilly for sure. Glad I brought my jeans and my sweatshirt."


Sheri said...

I'm pretending I was there!! Sounds so fun!

Abby said...

It looks so nice and warm there. I am SOOOO jealous! I love the picture of all the kids together. Very cute!

Yvonne said...

How fun to have your sister visit.


Charly said...

I think I will be sad when you leave Hawaii...no more gorgeous scenery in the back of all your pictures! I'm telling Casey that we should have tried for the Honolulu Fire Dept!

Berly said...

When I see those ocean pictures,I get so sad. I want to go visit. How fun for you and your family. Hawaii would definatley be a place where there is always something to do.

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