November 18, 2008

Check Engine Light is On

You know that little orange button that pops up in your car and says "check engine soon", you look at it and go "okay maybe later." I mean how soon is soon? When will something really go wrong? Often times the next time you turn on the engine it has turned off.

But then what if it doesn't?

You go to the local shop, have them plug in their little machine and it runs a little test and pops up with some code, they look it up in the code book and tell you that 247ghb means you need a new spark plug, or your transmission is going out. You know now why the light is on and you can get it fixed.

Why as humans didn't we come with little "check engine soon" lights, and better yet, why don't doctors have little probes to stick in you and run a test and go "Oh code 4fart, you just have gas." Sure would make life easier now wouldn't it.

As I was walking today, unable to turn my head to see if cars were coming to cross the street, and limping so hard on my right to avoid walking on my totally out of use left foot, that my right leg began to cramp, I couldn't push the stroller because my left elbow can't bend. I realized that pain is a little check engine light button. But like that little light I ignore pain. Many times thinking it is because I am just out of shape (which I am) or tired (which I am) or just a wimp (don't think I am too much of a wimp.)

Needless to say if I had a light it would be bright and light on my forehead. If I knew of a shop to go to I'd just take myself there. Yeah Yeah I could go to the doctors because well I haven't been able to walk well on my foot for over a month or two...but for some reason I just think it will get better, that the next time I walk the light will be off....

And on another note, What the heck happened to my house??? It was like we walked out yesterday and came home to a vandalized house..how does that happen? I don't think the fact that Eric was alone with the kids last night had anything to do with it, or the fact that T-Rex and Two got into a chocolate cake fight all over the kitchen, or the fact that someone decided to take out all the laundry and throw it across the floor....oh my do I hear water running??? better limp off!



Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

Great analogy and NO you are not a wimp. Thanks for the great thought.

Yvonne said...

Love that analogy, but just remember how well we take car of our cars by changing the oil, checking fluid levels, etc ; )

Anonymous said...

i know probably need to change the oil (ie diet)

Angela said...

That would be good to know that something was going on before you actually felt pain. That way you could fix it before you got that headache or whatever.

Good luck with the crazy weather in your home. :)

Janine said...

Better check things out before you blow an engine! Speaking of such things, several years ago I taught a RS activity on car maintenance, checked everyone's oil levels but my own, and then blew my engine later on that week. D'oh!

merathon said...

yes, GO to the doctor! NOW! it was killing me just hearing about how miserable you must be dealing with all that! your foot's been out of commission for a month? NOT GOOD. you don't deserve that!

Tonya said...

I'm thinking you better go get that light checked out there little missy. Great analogy by the way.

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