November 24, 2008

It's so cool, It's Hot!

Every Who down in Hawaiiville, likes to go swimming.
But even in this town, where sometimes its hot,
once you are sopping wet,
the wind blows chilly.
Wrapping up in a wet towel, that a brother once used,
doesn't always bring the warmth, but lips that look bruised.

Imagine my surprise, when in the mail came this fleece.
Warm, snuggly, soft, comfy made to warm a snow child.
Not sure what to do with bunting for my 17 month aloha babe.
It says for 12 months, a winter garb, in summer land?
What was a Who Mom to do?
Then the thought hit me hard.
Quick as a brick.
This bunting would be great for our nice nightly dips.

So until this Who family gets on a little plane
to a land with temperatures colder, less than ours so mundane,
where this wonderful suit will be used for its great intentions,
A swim cover up this little darling thing will now come to being!

Now the youngest blue lipped Who when getting out of the pool,
will have his own snuggly, to dry and keep away the cool,
no longer sharing a wet damp towel, his very own he will have.
And as he sits well wrapped in his stroller, from pool to home cave,
for just a few more weeks,
he will dream of the day
when he will hear his mother say,
come quickly little one, its cold outside.
If you want to go play
put on this cute bunting, and out we will go.

So if you are looking for something,
that will fit over your little who's clothing,
it's not too hot, and it is so super cool,
check out Bumkins and see their cute collection.
I am sure you will find,
something to your liking!
And even better yet you will receive a gift too!

Bumkins Grinchmas Gift and Contest! With any Bumkins Dr. Seuss Purchase receive Free Grinch Superbib and automatically be entered to win a four pack of Dr.Seuss How the Grinch Stole Christmas Ornaments! Just enter grinch08 at checkout to receive your complimentary bib.

This bib is super cute, and though your child won't be messy, can't guarantee that your child won't make a mess! :)

But doesn't he look so cute in this Grinch bib, just in time for the Holidays!! Great bib as well.

And just so you know, this is my first time as a reviewer for Mom's Blogger Club, and hopefully it's not my last! I really love this fleece bunting, it reminds me of a nice fleece sweatshirt/jacket I wear during the winter that keeps me just right and warm. And I give it Two Bloggerhoodie Thumbs Ups!


pecas said...

Cute, Cute cute... I love your review too. I can't wiat to see you again!

Yvonne said...

So very cute.

Tonya said...

Cute post. Cozy little hoody.

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