October 31, 2008

I need a HUGE toothpick

Imagine if you will eating a nice big juicy saucy rib, meat falls off the bone, fingers covered in sauce, best rib you have ever eaten ribs. They taste so good, you even have sauce on your nose and cheeks and then you smile. Meat stuck in your teeth. You know how annoying that is? Ok maybe you are a vegetarian, you know when you bite into a really hard juicy apple and that skin gets stuck in your teeth? Well I think nothing sticks worse than meat, so bare with me. Little pieces of meat in between each crack of your teeth. You have no toothpicks to get rid of them. That just stinks.

That's the way I feel about life right now. I have been enjoying my life. I feel submerged in life, sauces on fingers, nose and cheeks. But there is so much meat in my teeth, right now I can't stand it.

In my top front teeth, the elections! And the fact that I am scared about the end results on a personal level and a national level. Personal the fact that husbands work revolves around it. What happens will affect me, my family and people around me. National level....let me just say I hope people are looking further than skin deep (not talking racial) and know more about their candidates than what has come out of their mouths in the last few weeks. (enough said)

Stuck back in my molars, teacher conference comments. Let me just say, if something is "not right" with my child, talking about it in a conference after 3 months of school is ridiculous and should have been brought up before, especially when I brought up the concern the second week of school. Again enough said.

Hanging out down in the bottom front teeth, life choices. Where are we going to live? Why can't I convince myself that waking up at 5 am is just as fun and enjoyable as a really good hamburger and fries?

I have much to say about those things, but suffice it to say I just need a toothpick!

(think my iron is low or something all this talk of red meat.)


Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

Nice, those are some great comparisons. Love you and you can always come to Utah, we would love you to live closer. Enjoy paradise a little bit longer.

Sunnie said...

Poetic and to the point. I think we could all use a toothpick now and then. I will pick your teeth if you pick mine.

Metaphorically speaking of course. ;)

hjackson said...

I hear ya sista! I need a couple toothpicks myself... :)

So who are you voting for? I had a discussion last night with my brother in law and now I'm totally not sure. I don't like either candidates. So then what? Things are so crazy right now and perhaps they aren't going to get any better.

Shannon and Brad said...

My life feels like this a lot too. I love your analogy. I would never have thought of it that way.

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