October 07, 2008

Grandmother's Birthday-Oct 7 (blog is still central time)

**Side note, I wrote this late at night, and just re-read it and lots of spelling and grammatical errors...sorry.
This spring my grandmother passed away. Today she would have been oh dear 92..no 93? I am a good granddaughter aren't I? Regardless I have been thinking about her today, and how she really wanted to celebrate her birthday here in the great state of Hawaii. As she was laying sick in bed, I spoke with her and she mentioned getting better to be here with us. I'd love to be showing her around right now.

Anyway in thinking about her today I was just pondering some of my favorite memories of her and just felt like sharing them:
  • I can still hear her voice with her welcoming greeting of "hello, hello, hello"
  • Going to her house in San Jose and then having her send us out to her back porch where she had an extra freezer where she stored orange creamsicles...YUMMY whenever I see those Popsicles they remind me of her.
  • Sitting on her lap during church. She would pull her skirt up so it wouldn't get wrinkled and I sit on her silky slippery slip.
  • she was always dressed to the nines. I can count the number of times she actually wore pants.
  • I drove from Utah to Austin, she mentioned later to my mom about how quiet I was. I just enjoyed her company and remember her taking a straw and ripping the end off of it and spit the wrapper out on to the dash board and her just laughing.
  • Her laugh! She loved to laugh and going to movies with her she just would laugh so hard to wear we'd almost all wet our pants.
  • Speaking of laughing, I saw some movie with her with Julia Roberts in it. Julia was laughing so hard and my grandmother leaned over to me and said "She sure has a horse mouth." Or something like that. Just made me laugh.
  • I loved hearing stories of her, like once when my arm hairs appeared dark and long she mentioned to me how she would just take her arm over the stove and singe the hairs off, and she walked over to our wolf gas stove and demonstrated...on her arm not mine.
  • she loved my grandfather and took excellent care of him.
  • in college she'd always have us shop in her pantry and was always happy to host me and my friends for dinner.
  • I was suppose to only have one escort to help me get ready for my wedding, and in the tight bride's room, the temple patron's were strictly enforcing that rule, but for some reason they let her and my mom come and help me get ready.
  • When our family's took long road trips from her house back to California she'd make us sandwiches, usually roast beef and tuna fish, not together. But she would lather up the bread with butter, so the bread wouldn't get too soggy. I loved those sandwiches. But have never made any that way.
  • Every time I passed gas in her presence she'd shoe me off to the bathroom because if I was making such noises I need to go...I never needed to go, but I went because she asked me to.
  • When I was being a brat, I know hard to believe I could have ever be a brat, she'd ever so gently thump me on the forehead and call me a "little sh*t"....I know sweet memory huh, but when my sisters and brother were speaking together at her funeral my brother said she had never done that to him, and we figured it was cuz she loved me and my sister the best :)
  • She took me and my older brother and a cousin or too on a trip from California to Utah and back, and we stopped in some place in the middle of Nevada early. I don't remember where they were, but my cousins and I pulled the mattresses off the beds and jumped on them...ok random memory. I remember hurry to clean it up as we watched through the window for them.
  • I loved how she tenderly held my children and just loved them.
I miss her.

We bought her car and shipped it out to us here in Hawaii. Eric came home from work the other night and really smelled like her. My mom mentioned she wore Chanel Number 5 and wondered who Eric had been around. But it wasn't a perfume smell it was like a sweet sweat smell if that makes sense, like the littler smell of someone, like when you go to their homes. Maybe she came for a visit.

--Happy Birthday Grandmother!

Miss you and can't wait to see you again! (hopefully not too soon.)


Jess said...

Grandmas are the best! :)

Charly said...

This blog was so sweet!!! You paint a beautiful portrait of you and your grandmother.

Spar-Mar Girl said...

I think this is one of my favorite posts of yours. Love the pictures and all the memories!!

katharine said...

a nice tribute to your grandmother; really makes me wish i knew my own grandmother better!

Patricia- Digiheaven Designs said...

It is so hard to miss a loved one like that. Very beautiful tribute.

Sorry I haven't been commenting. I should do better considering you are the only person that comments on my personal blog most of the time. I'll repent and change my ways of just lurking.

Tonya said...

What a very sweet post. Your grandma seemed to be a very special person. Thanks for sharing.

Tonya said...
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Shannon and Brad said...

This is a neat post. She is a special person!

Yvonne said...

She must have been such a sweet person. I'm so glad you have such wonderful memories of her.

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