October 09, 2008

Happy Birthday Helga

Today is my mother in law's birthday! October is actually filled with family birthdays from my nieces to my grandmother to my mother in law and my other grandma. Anyway I love my mother in law she has been a big help, having lived close to her for almost all our married life, even sometimes too close when we camped out at their house for awhile. She was so generous to share her living quarters with us.

Some of the things I love about her:

  • She always remembers the things you like and makes sure to get them, like mint chocolate chip ice cream for me...my favorite.

  • She raised wonderful boys that are very self sufficient in the kitchen!

  • She loves to share and tell stories.

  • I love watching her sit with my kids and just talk with them. Once while I was sick with maybe after T-Rex was born she came over and bathed the kids and just talked to them for hours, literally. G-Man was just asking questions and anyway it just stands out to me.

  • She is always willing to help out, and especially make sure you get a yummy well balanced meal to eat.

  • She loves doing puzzles and the kids enjoy doing them with her.

We love you! Happy Birthday! I can't access my old files and only have pictures from Hawaii...not sure how I had pics of my Grandmother on here now that I think about it....anyway!These were taken a few days before we left Texas and the kids are doing a puzzle.


Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

I love my mom as well. Thanks for soem great memories of her. You are a better daughter in law than me a daughter writing her a tribute on her birthday. You are right on about my mom though. I definatly get the puzzle thing from her.

Yvonne said...

What a sweet daughter-in-law you are.

Wonderful tribute.

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