October 18, 2008

Six things You Never Knew about me And Always wanted to know!

My sister Alyson, tagged me like several million years ago, and then someone else tagged me right around that time, and I believe some one else, and here I sit today and decided to finally do the tag because I'd rather write than make deviled egg salad for my kids. Kind of fun listening to them in the kitchen...think I am going to regret this decision in a bit....ok be right back you won't even notice I am gone, I promise.

See you didn't miss me did you :)

So on to the Six Things You Never Knew About Me, Six Random Facts, Six things that will help you sleep better at night knowing, well maybe not quite:
  1. My favorite color is yellow and blue which makes green. And I know it should say my favorite colors are...but I prefer sometimes to write in improper grammar for the heck of it. Yeah so which is the random fact here?
  2. My Mom is the third child, I am the third child, Eric is the third child, Two is our third child and I wanted to name her Tracy (tres three in spanish) but Eric said we couldn't because Tracy is sometimes a boy name....I was like whatever but we decided on naming her after the Labor and Delivery nurse. (so is that more of a random fact about Two than me?)
  3. I have never read Harry Potter books, not because I really didn't want to but more because I love the "OH my Gosh!" factor when people hear I haven't read them. I also have had no desire to read them, and even less when people tell me I should. Probably a little of my rebellious side shining through. Maybe one day I will read them.
  4. I like to look at people, watch them and make up stories in my head about them. For instance I see a guy driving- kind of in a hurry and imagine he just got a call from his wife saying she just has had it and needs him to come home so she can go out and get her nails and hair done. So he is quickly trying to come to her rescue....maybe that's just a little fantasy of mine.
  5. As a small child, I collected snails and slugs in buckets and pulled them around in the wagon. I'd leave them in the buckets over night and be so sad in the morning because the only ones left were the ones that got smooshed in the bottom by their friends trying to escape (or by me, pushing them down and in the bucket to fill it with more....we had a lot of snails). Then I'd make graves for the ones that didn't make it out.
  6. I am an imperfect impatient perfectionist. I often don't do things because I know I can't do them perfectly in the amount of time I have to do it, so I don't. And if I try to do something, and am in a hurry I rush and then try not to care. It really is a crazy personality trait, and doesn't make much sense.

**Side note: T-Rex is in trouble!!! He just threw my camera in the phone! not the phone the Toilet! I am tired and I have been up since 4 AM and my parents are coming to town tomorrow, and we have no groceries...though The house is mostly clean but we still have a day to destroy it again. So we are headed to the beach this morning while Eric works.


trina said...

It's always fun to find out that I'm not the only one with "strange" traits. We all have our oddities -- it's what makes us wonderful!

I loved your next post on the reading rewards. I completely agree! I've often wondered why rewards tend to be eatable. Kids loves pencils, erasers, stickers, etc. just as much. It would be cheaper!

McCulloch Family said...

What's up with Eric's facebook current status????

Yvonne said...

Laughed at #6.

Sorry to hear about your camera.

sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

hi corrine -- i am with you sister on harry potter. i refuse to read any of them, too, EVAH :)

cute how you make up stories. i kinda do something like that, too.

fun fun,

pecas said...

I thought I knew all about you... I guess not it is always fun to read about your adventures and experiences

Berly said...

I have also not read the Harry Potter books. YAY for us. I know. I like getting the came reaction. i say, enjoy the beach even when there are other things to do.

Angela said...

I seem to have a similar problem If I can't get it done right then why try. Although since having Gregory I have been doing a lot more of the not quite done things.

Cleaningis an unending battle.

Nancy Face said...

My hub and I are both the 3rd born in our families! :)

I have only read 1 1/2 Harry Potter books. I find it quicker, easier, and more fun just watching the movies! :P

As a small child, I poured salt on snails and watched them melt. Sick, huh?

I totally get the imperfect impatient perfectionist thing...it pretty much describes me, too!

I LOVE the picture you used for your header! :D

Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

I like the movies of Harry Potter, but never read the books. Thanks for always entertaining me with your blog. By the way, when are you going to become my follower sis. Have fun with you parents visiting.

Julie said...

I was running the other day making up stories about people I saw as I went. I think my running partner thought I was weird. I was trying to remember who I used to do that with.....maybe it was you? Tell your parents hi.

katharine said...

when i was a kid, i caught little bitty frogs in a bucket and had similar issues. they didn't fare so well, poor frogs!

Shannon and Brad said...

You are definitely an interesting person!!

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