October 29, 2008

For just $1.60 a day

Or there about you can save a starving child in Hawaii, well not really starving, just really in need of some help. This poor child has worked the last several years with a home based business, bringing in little checks here and there to help feed her own family. Life has hit hard for them, as for many and with out your support her little at home business will go under and be taken over by other people.

You ask yourself, how can I help? It is simple really go to http://www.storybooker.com/ and sign up for an account. Don't stop there, upload your pictures and begin to make a treasured book, or card, or poster for your loved ones. That's right by helping her you will be helping yourself. These items make great gifts for the holidays as well as any time of the year you want to preserve your memories and stories.

For as much as a large diet coke at your favorite drive through you can save your memories!

Don't let this poor child down.

Act now, and if you call (number on website http://www.storybooker.com/) you can save her business and you some money on purchasing credits for those projects you can't finish in a few days. Make one book, make several copies for different relatives and friends, and save money and save her business.

What are you waiting for? Act now before time runs out. Orders must be placed by October 31st 5:00 PM MST.

**and as a halloween bonus, anyone who purchases a credit or book by October 31, 5 PM Mountain standard time will be entered into a drawing for a fre 8x8 storybook credit! Email me for more information.


Patricia Hodge said...

I found this free class on story telling that I thought you might be interested in. It is done by a scrapbooker, but not designed for scrapbookers. It is for anyone who wants to use their digital photos to tell a story. I'm going to sign up to do it. I thought of you as soon as I read about it. You can find it here http://www.jessicasprague.com/

Good luck with your decision on where to go next. I hope you come back to Austin, but you need to go where it is best for your family.

Cheryl Anne said...

These books look amazing! Can't wait to see the look on Christmas morning when I give it away. :)

Sheri said...

You are so creative!! No mattr what else you decide... come to Utah!! Call me!

Aly Allred said...

My book is half way done. I still need to get through the holidays and then I will have yet finished my 3rd 12x12 book with Storybookers. Depending on our tax return, I am thinking about ordering 2 from 2006 and 2 more from 2007 so that Jack and Megan will have one for themselves. Sorry I can't do it today...I need $1000 of free cash. Mind you-this same sister just spent $2500 on plane tickets to see this poor family in Hawaii! :) 8 more days and counting...

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