October 20, 2008

Fortune Telling Hairdresser

Saturday Bee was at a birthday party, G-Man was playing with a friend, Eric was watching a UT football game (go Longhorns) and watching the other two in that order, and I decided to go and treat myself to a haircut and do a little pre parents coming grocery shopping.

As I was getting my haircut, my hairdresser and I talked about kids. I have four, in case you missed that, and she has three. She was born in China and still has family there. It sadens her to see her two brothers only have one child. She expressed the awesomeness in being able to have many children and if she could she would have more because when they all grow up it never seems like enough.

She then said to me "Are you going to have more? I can tell you are going to have one more, I know it."

Well Okay...not sure when but if she says so... I hope she just wasn't looking at my belly and predicting that cuz nope thats just a little extra poundage.


Tonia said...

How did the haircut turn out?

Yvonne said...

When we were in China and talking about the whole only one child thing, it just made me so sad for them and at the same time so grateful that I was able to have the 4 I gave birth to (and to mother the other 3).

Cheryl Anne said...

ha! I really dislike other people's comments about my kids and how many I have or should have. I got a lot of it when I was working, but not so much anymore. Too funny that she felt comfortable telling you that.

Anonymous said...

Uh... huh.

Yeah, I don't know how I would have handled that one. I mean, yay for kids and all, but esp for me, I've got weird medical issues that makes more than 2 (more than one, probably) a bad idea. If someone said that to me, which someday they probably will, I would collapse into a giant heap of blubbery tears.

And demand a free haircut.

Angela said...

The whole kid issue is hard. A year ago I went for a hair cut and the woman asked about my son and told me I should have another soon. Little did she know about the two miscarriages I had shortly before that.
Just made me feel sad

Sheri said...

Hey friend! Sounds like you are busy as ever1 I wish I were coming out to visit! enjoy the time with your parents!
Good luck with the one more kid thing! Maybe T-rex is acting out against the thought?! LOL!!

pecas said...

Hve fun with your parents!

katharine said...

and when i get my haircut all i hear is "boy, you sure have thick hair."
good luck on that #5 :)

Dina said...

I would be scared if someone said that to me--I feel "done" and too old as it is! But I hope her prediction is true for you. You're such a good mama.

sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

awh, she's sweet to ya :)

Spar-Mar Girl said...

Consider yourself officially tagged! I wasn't sure if you would have time for a while with your folks in town.

I expect a husband tag on here within the next 3 days!

Okay, not really, but I do tag you!!

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