October 09, 2008

Thursday Thought Train: Wasting Money my past time.

Wasting Money seems to be an easy thing for me to do. Not just waste it but basically throw it away. Some days I think it would just be easier to go to the ATM and get out forty bugs not bugs, bucks, and just let my kids rip them up and use it as confetti as Eric walks through the door from work and throw it up in the air and yell "Thanks for making us money."

Grant it I don't give the kids money to tear apart (I think it is illegal to destroy money but don't quote me) because that just seems so wrong. But in so many ways its like I say here take this and tear away!! I guess I have other options of using money check this site out.

I take the kids to get a treat, you know heading over to the golden arches and grabbing them a happy meal. They eat two fries, and a bite of burger and just throw it in the trash. Some days I eat their left overs but my goodness, what is better food rotting in the trash or in my stomache? Either way that is a waste right?? I think each time, ok next time we will just get a large fry to share and one burger and I will cut it in fourths so they all have a slice. But do I? No I get them all their own and end up throwing them away, unless they are super hungry which is rarely the case. And this applies to food at home too not just when we eat out.

Then yesterday, (I haven't mentioned the kids are on fall break, yep a week and a half of no school!), we drove around looking for an inflatable world to go play on. Well we ended up in the mall at KB Toy store, I know not where we were headed but seemed like a good option. Spend money on something they can play with over and over, rather than an hour of fun. After humming and hahing over toys they all picked something.

And in the car instead of "thanks Mom." I got:

"Stupid cheap plastic gun. It already broke." It did, wasted $7

"I no wanted a phone. Me want a baby doll." And with that the Cinderella phone she had picked out flew to the floor. There goes $5.

"I like my puppy. Thank you Mommy." Ok so not totally wasted.

But you get the idea, just seems like I waste money.

Then there is T-Rex!!

  • I buy baby wipes, he pulls them all out and throws them in the toilet.

  • I give him a drink of something he grabs the cup and dumps it all over the floor.

  • He pulls things off the shelf at the store and starts chewing on it and I have to pay for it.

You would have thought that after his first week of crawling I would be prepared for him...but for some reason I just keep forgetting....while trying to post this, he unfolded the laundry on the bed, he dumped his smoothie on the carpet, he pooped all over the floor after taking off his just put on diaper, he dumped a box of crayons and then a box of pens on the floor, though to give him credit he took his clothes and threw them on his bedroom floor!

Then there is sun tan lotion or rather sun screen that we go through like it is water, not that water really is free anymore...but anyway the kids, well Two thinks that it must taste good or something because she chews on the bottle, then squirts half the bottle on her legs and the rest on the carpet. At least we can find sun screen every where we go here, but man at $7 a bottle we may just have to stay inside.

I guess I could make them sun dresses out of money instead?!

I think this whole focus on the nation's economy has me seeing everything in number signs? What about you??

One note on that whole bailout issue, come on people just take responsibility for your own actions! It is not any one's fault but your own. No one ever forced me to use a credit card, or buy above my means. I just am stupid with my money, cuz like I said wasting money is one of my past times. Did you hear this story? CLICK HERE..... Come on no one forces you to use credit!

Though they mentioned on the news yesterday about contacting your credit card companies and ask them to lower your interest. I recently wrote a letter to mine, anyway long story short, they refunded some fees, and lowered my interest a TON! It doesn't hurt to ask.

Well the kids are begging to go to the beach. And with a whole bottle of sunscreen on their faces, they are ready though right now complaining of it stinging, I think a whole bottle can do that kids!!


Sheri said...

Hey pass the letter on to me! Maybe you worded it better than I would!! I agree with you on the whole bail out thing!! It actuall ticks me off that these big wigs with no morals and no conscience are getting millions of dollars and taking vacations while we are bailing them out for poor decisions - but we don't have the option of saying oops! Shouldn't have done that... now who wants to pay for it?!

pecas said...

Holly Molly, I have not slept over a week thinking in what I spend my money? Life is so expensive right now. Oh well hopefully it will get better!
How fun fall break!

Shannon and Brad said...

The economy really is crazy and scary right now. It's all because people spend above their means. The whole bail out thing makes me mad, but what do you do. Cool pictures!

Tonia said...

This sounds really, really familiar.

iggee said...

Can I get a copy of what you wrote to your credit card companies? Sounds like it's worth a try for me!!

ps - I feel the same way you do! I bought J. a Bak-U-Gon (sp?) for a great report at school, and it broke in his hands on the way home. *sigh* It's always like that!!

Yvonne said...

I remember when I was a single mom, the best thing I ever did was use the envelope method. It made it a lot easier to say "no" to my son when there was no money in the envelope for extras.

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