February 18, 2008


How is that for deep! Our sweet B who, just turned five, was breech, a footling breech. When we discovered she was breech the doctor made a comment on how breech babies are stubborn. I wasn't going to buy into that nonsense! But believe me he was so right. Maybe its because I have had in the back of my mind that she was going to be stubborn that I unconsciously raised her up that way but she sure is. Can't think of a funny story or something entertaining to share with you but yeah she is!

Actually today she decided that she wasn't going to wear her jeans even though it was 40 degrees outside. So instead she decided to put on two shirts, my white gym socks (to keep her legs warm since they went above her knees), a pair of her "hawaiian" shorts and pink sandals. I couldn't convince her to change. And we went to the store with her looking like that. I asked if I could take her picture (so I could post it) and she said "No not until we get to Hawaii where it is beautiful. And then you can take lots of pictures of me!"

The other funny thing about it (this personality develops well before birth) that just amazed me last night as I watched her sleep is how she prefers her same position of that of when she was in the womb. Ok so maybe one day when I figure it out I will post her birth video (amazing they ever got her out and that she is alive today). But she literally was standing in me, stuck. Her head was caught up in my rib cage with her hands behind her head. Her feet could be felt in a pelvic exam. So last night I went to kiss her good night, actually lying about that part, went to actually take her out of our bed, and she was laying perfectly flat on her back, straight as a board except for her arms bent perfectly behind her head. I thought isn't that amazing after five + years she still perfers that position. And she even likes being nestled in the middle right between Eric and myself just like being caught in my ribs. When she was younger she'd climb in between us, get in her prone position and say "my spot, my spot." I guess while in the womb she got comfortable and found her spot and decided she'd never leave it! EVER!


Yvonne said...

I love that--although sometimes it's tough to have one who is stubborn, there are times it is a good thing for them.

Heidi said...

My four-year old must have gotten really comfortable being naked in the womb, because she usually comes out of her room without a shirt every morning.

These kids sure know what they want, don't they?

Ashley said...

It is funny, my oldest hardly ever moved and she is pretty calm. My youngest was very, VERY active. I get dizzy just watching her. I can't believe some people think babies don't have their spirit in the womb.

Johnson Clan said...

My youngest was breech and I can already tell that she will be stubborn. Her head was in my ribs with her legs wrapped around her head. She loves to sleep with her knees by her head and on her stomach.

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